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Yet another example of someone looking at a chart, coming up with a narrative suiting their agenda, and then publishing it as if it is settled fact. The sad part is that nobody takes the narrative to task. Took me all of 5 seconds to come up with my own narrative, which, to me, makes a helluva lot more sense: over time, more and more people on this planet become connected to all things Internet. This Internet connectivity thing is explosive!!!! When youtube started (2005) there weren't even 1Bn people with Internet access!!! (there were 938M, according to www.internetworldstats.com). TikTok started in 2016, when 3.4 billion people had Internet access (ourworldindata.org)

TikTok, therefore, started with 362 Internet users to every 100 users Youtube had when it started. You could even make the argument that TikTok, in order to have grown at the same rate as youtube, should have hit the 1 bn mark 1.93 years after its initial release (do the numbers ... everything you need to calculate this is already in my post, including links to my data sources)

... so, in reality, in order for TikTok to claim its video based platform is king, they should have exceeded 1 billion users in under two years. However, they took FIVE years to hit that mark. WTF???

Here's another analogy: Imagine youtube and tiktok racing a 100 yard dash, but while youtube starts at the 100 yard line, tiktok starts at the 27 yard line. Youtube must run the entire 100 yards. Tiktok runs a mere 27 yards. Sure sounds like and apples-to-apples comparison to me!

This article was published in The Atlantic???? Is there no end to ignorance?

I don't really care which platform was the quickest to one billion. But I am damn sick of people looking at numbers and making sweeping proclamations without anyone giving a second thought about the claims. It is ---- ridiculous. In the context of this article it is mostly benign. But I see this ---- in political arguments every single day, with the blind lemmings following whichever leader they have been told by their fellow lemmings to follow.

This world has a serious problem ... an inability to think critically. Everyone is in their own echo chamber. Nobody questions their own chosen oracle. This is going to end in much senseless violence and, I fear, millions of lives lost ... and at the end of the violence we will have even less freedom of thought. Oddly, we will be convinced free thought has triumphed over indoctrination. But in actuality the one thing we will know above all else is how to hate.

For those who fail to assimilate the accepted form of hatred into their heart, there will always be the chestnut tree. And Victory Gin.

Drudge Retort

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