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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Will Bunch: The arrest of a high-level FBI agent on Russia-tied corruption charges raises stunning new questions about how Trump really won in 2016.

In the three months since Musk bought Twitter for 44bn, thousands have been sacked and the company has nosedived. Here, staff tell of a firm in disarray and an owner whose reputation is also plummeting. read more

We are on the edge of a spy scandal with major implications for how we understand the Trump administration, our national security, and ourselves. read more

Saturday, January 28, 2023

In March of 2022, we released a report that found murder rates in 2020 were 40% higher in Trump-voting states than Biden-voting states. read more

One morning in October 2017, Allison Guerriero noticed something unusual on the floor of her boyfriend's Park Slope, Brooklyn, apartment: a bag full of cash. read more


#211 It's hard for me to talk about a book I haven't read. In the video TH linked to, the woman who is going through the book says that it talks about a child being sexually abused by her uncle, who tells her to keep it a secret, but the child goes to her parents and tells them what is going on. You are right to raise questions, and I don't think there are any easy answers. I mentioned not long ago I was once in a survivors group for adults who were abused as children. The group was not limited to sexual abuse survivors, but there were several members who fell into that category, so I am familiar with uncles being the abusers, children physically enjoying the abuse, children feeling they are at fault for getting a relative in trouble as well as the slow, painful recovery process that sexual abuse survivors face. It seems like the book talks about falling in love, and it is in that context that the concept of sexual intercourse is introduced. But, again, having not read the book, it is hard for me to determine what if any nuances have been included in the various topics. You say the author has written other books you think are worthwhile. Maybe this one is too. I do think, however, that for that young an age group, the book should be shared at home by the parents if they deem it appropriate and not by teachers in schools without the parents' consent. Yes, I remember that 5th (or 6th for us I think) grade talk you mentioned, which ultimately wasn't all that helpful, IMO, but even that required parental permission in order to participate.

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