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#12 | Posted by Maverick

You are kind of an idiot.

Music makers granted, see music is a form of artistic expression. Naturually actual artists tend to be liberal, it goes hand in hand. It doesn't mean the industry as a whole or major labels are though. They are firmly CAPITALIST, I don't see them as having a political ideology because they worship money. Same goes for Movies and the Tech World. It takes a brain not immobilized by fear to create = liberal leaning. When you talk today's Country music it is almost completely derivative. Rehashed Rock from past decades and in other cases pay attention to the lyrics. I grew up on Country and Western music BTW.

TV - The people creating content... Well again that is a form of artistry. What does Murdoch own then? What is Sinclair Broadcasting?

Sports - Huh... Why do so many Old White Conservative Billionaires own the vast majority of teams then? Athletes? Certainly to you many if not most seem Liberal. That would because of their race and the fact most grew up not well to do and now have money and a platform. I know several former pro-athletes loosely from my area (I'm not going to pick up the phone and say let's hang but if we are somewhere they know my name and I will have conversation with them) All except one are black. I know where they grew up and what it was like in those areas at the time. I know most of their stories personally. If they were playing today and I was them I would be taking a knee. The sports broadcasting isn't liberal however. Look at how many dolts have been caught on hot mics uttering racist comments.

"Media" - Do you mean the likes of Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Fox & Friends Crew, Alex Jones, Carlson and their ilk? Just asking because when it comes to media personalities they are some of the most famous or infamous in "news"...

Tech World - let me dive into tech a bit more. Define "Tech" when you start to talk computer, programming and innovative ideas sure. But there is other tech that is more derivative and that is dominated by conservatives. It isn't the Jobs, Gates, Allen, Page and Bin types. They made billions for themselves by having good and more or less original ideas and capitalizing on them. What have the blue blood old money types done for the world? I mean people like the Koch Brothers, Trumps, etc. Not Squat good is the answer.

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