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Friday, January 20, 2023

A judge in Romania has granted a request to extend by another 30 days the arrest of Andrew Tate, the social media personality who was detained in the country on charges of being part of an organized crime group, human trafficking and rape, an official said Friday.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

It sounds almost like a lame joke. A former Trump strategist, a conservative cardinal with a penchant for fancy ceremonial gowns, and a far-right xenophobe walk into a bar in Rome. In this case, the Trump strategist is Steve Bannon, the conservative cardinal is American Raymond Burke, and the xenophobe is Italy's new interior minister Matteo Salvini. No, they aren't in a bar, but they are conspiring against one man, Pope Francis, on the issue most dear to him: immigration. read more

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Indiana's Republican attorney general on Wednesday asked the state medical licensing board to discipline an Indianapolis doctor who has spoken publicly about providing an abortion to a 10-year-old rape victim who traveled from Ohio after its more-restrictive abortion law took effect. The complaint alleges Dr. Caitlin Bernard violated state law by not reporting the girl's child abuse to Indiana authorities and violated patient privacy laws by telling a newspaper reporter about the girl's treatment.

QAnon leader Phil Godlewski carried on an inappropriate relationship with a minor that police records suggest turned sexual. read more

Monday, November 07, 2022

Putin's Chef and owner of Wagner Group Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin said on Monday he had interfered in U.S. elections and would continue doing so in future, the first such admission from a figure who has been formally implicated by Washington in efforts to influence American politics. read more


#70 | Posted by earthmuse

Or we just grew up with them and love the convenience. My dad owned an industrial wood business and Saw mill. Always had a truck. When I started driving in the 1980s, it was his old truck. Honestly, if I didn't drive a truck I would drive a bigger SUV because I am a big guy but the truck has so much more ready to go utility. I have had S10s and Dakotas when I was younger then went to full size. When gas mileage is virtually the same between a mid-size truck and a full size and you can do so much more with a full size, why would you get a mid-size? I have a 10-minute commute and I use the bed of my truck at least a couple of times a week for things I wouldn't want to put in an SUV. The trailering thing is such a pain in comparison to a ready to go bed. My buddy who drives a hybrid CRV does that. My truck was in the shop and I needed stuff from Home Depot ASAP. I had gone to the store, bought what I needed, rented the Home Depot truck, took the stuff to my house and had the truck back before he had his trailer out of the back yard and set up. I don't do it often but sometimes I pull a dual axle trailer around with a tractor too for friends/family. We have been wanting to get a boat but having had one in the past I can't convince myself to incur the time and expenses...

I also grew up a car guy, nothing to do with toxic masculinity as an 8 year old kid I loved fast cars, motorcycles and the like. Nothing like the rumble of a V8. I never grew out of that.

#5 | Posted by snoofy

Here's a link: Wiki

It is about 5%. So yes but it seems about half of that is from burning fossil fuels not from the concrete itself.

#41 | Posted by JOE

I do agree with you. I read an email forwarded from someone in the movie industry back when this happened. I know he is in the industry because he is one of my best friends cousins and he is in the credits of several movies I have watched. He has worked on multiple movies with guns. Based on that email, the standard is the Armorer and Prop Master (possibly also Assistant Prop Master) are responsible for the gun. According to him, on the movies he has worked, if the actor were to open the cylinder to check the gun it technically has to go back to the Armorer and/or Prop Master for an inspection. So there is no "checking" of the weapon by the actor. Which does seem logical when you think about it - Did they pop in a bullet? People's lives are in their hands.

Now if what he says is true I don't know why Halls would be responsible either, but Halls signed a plea deal. He plead guilty for the charge of negligent use of a deadly weapon. He handed the gun to Baldwin proclaiming "Cold Gun" to the set. I don't know all the details in how he received the gun but apparently the Armorer at least was not present at the time. I see big problems for the Armorer. I think that Baldwin the actor it should be laughed out of court (sad situation it is.) There are certainly questions though that might be a problem for Baldwin the producer. I don't know who the "lead" producer was and he is just one of six on the movie. Funny as it sounds there were several Executive Producers on the project. To me that may make people rethink accepting EP credit if you aren't there for the day to day running of the production. Nobody else was charged including the Director though. An executive producer does have a defined role in movie and TV production.

I have also read about "gun training" and cross draw training being turned down. Shouldn't need either and frankly and it opens you up to negligence IMHO. (You KNEW so you should have...) He said he didn't pull the trigger - well he did. It's on film. It was a "cold gun" so that shouldn't matter at all either especially since he was working with the cinematographer preparing for a live shoot. It could have been shock or just outright a lie but why lie about it?

All that said I think this boils down to someone looking to make a name for themselves in charging Baldwin for future political purposes. I think he walks or charges are severely reduced and he pleas out.

#21 | Posted by Effeteposer

Except you believe what Putin's media is telling you instead of the facts. I am going to keep them as short as possible and still be comprehensible.

- Nobody said that Ukraine was free of corruption. It is clear most people are fed up with it though. It will take decades to clear out most of it.
- Why are they heroes in the west? They are fighting a war purely of aggression against the definition of autocracy and corruption.
- Nazis... Well when is Russia going to invade and de-Nazify the US? Germany? Poland? Hungary? There is a small group that fit that description in Ukraine. They got less than 2% of the vote. What happened in the US? Do you think Russia is any better? Evil under a different name.
- You seem stuck on the Azov. Not all ever fit the description you portray but a couple of the original organizers and many original members did. They formed in response to Russia's first 2 invasions. The Azov were de-Nazified and taken under military control. They are no more Nazi then the US Marine Corp.
- Zelensky won in an absolute landslide. He won because he is anti-corruption. He isn't a Nazi, my god man - he is JEWISH!!!!
- If Russia is all good will and love to the Ukrainian people - Why are they targeting and killing civilians? Why are they capturing and torturing civilians? Why are they setting up "filtration" camps? Why are they sending Ukrainians to live in far off parts of Russia? We have actual in your face evidence of ALL that and more? I am sure there are exceptions but Ukraine is not doing this in the systematic fashion Russia has been from the very first day of this invasion.

What exactly do you think would happen in Ukraine if they didn't fight? What would happen if they just "gave up" now? This isn't a proxy war this is open and strong support for a country that wants freedom and has suffered under Russian Rule on and off for centuries - including a massive ethnic cleansing to rival the Holocaust not even 100 years ago yet.

That said does it weaken Russia? Very much so. Is the West happy about that? Certainly. Any pro-Freedom person welcomes weakened dictatorships. Anyone who believes in what the USA promises and the premises of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence should back the Ukraine IMHO.

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