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Thursday, October 03, 2019

This is the moment. A moment so very few have ever witnessed. The brother of a murder victim asking the judge to hug the person who took his brothers life. read more


For low income people, especially independent contractors, there are some nice benefits.

Take, for instance, an Uber driver earning $40,000 a year. First of all, the new 20% deduction for "pass thru" business takes $8,000 off the gross income. Pass thru businesses are companies or businesses that don't pay tax at the business level, but rather they pass the income to the individual owners. Independent contractors are considered sole proprietorships, and are therefore pass thru businesses-- meaning even low income contractors get the 20% deduction benefit.

Add to that, the near doubling of the standard deduction, which went up to $24,000 for married couples, and now that $40,000 gross gets a $32,000 deduction ($8,000 plus $24,000) BEFORE even figuring out expense deductions. That's now only $8,000 of income to worry about.

Before the new tax laws, the standard deduction was about $12,700. And there wasn't the 20% pass thru business deduction. That would leave $27,300 income subject to taxation instead of $8,000 under the new tax laws.

I just read that the standard deduction is going up another $400 for this year as well.

My point is, there are many low income independent contractors who are getting good benefits from this. Not all "businesses" are run by wealthy rich people. There's a ton of ridesharing drivers and delivery people out there, as just an example.

Oh, and considering also that the standard mileage deduction went up to .54 per mile, that $8,000 in the above example might very well be accounted for leaving a tax bill of zero.

Also, the child care credit doubled to $2,000 per child. And it is now a refundable credit. In other words, if you owe no taxes, a majority of the child care credit would become refundable, up to $1,400 per child, which clearly helps low income families. In addition, the income threshold increased allowing more people to be eligible to take the child care credit.

Using the above example, if that person had two kids, she could getting a $2,800 tax refund check.




Meanwhile, at the recent Democratic Socialist Convention. And, no, this isn't the Onion.


It's a short vid found by searching Democratic Socialist Convention on YouTube. You can find longer videos which are quite interesting as well.


Trump's political strategy is primitive but effective. He picks something that polls badly, and kicks it in the crotch. Then he backs off and lets three eternal truths do the rest of the work.

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