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I've read too much from ill-informed people who make inaccurate statements because they've been fed inaccurate information. I truly hope it's only ignorance caused by a lack of personal research and solely relying on what the media tells you. It is crucial that people on both sides of the isle do their research on all topics today to ensure that they have correct information before starting an argument based on facts and not feelings. With that said, hear me out on facts.

The AR platform rifle is no different than any other rifle when you look at its most basic functions. It has a trigger, a firing pin, a bolt, and a barrel. All of the other components have absolutely nothing to do with how "deadly" the rifle is. No matter the stock, the forward grip, the sights/optics, the size of magazine, or any other accessories you might want to throw on it. It fires one single round per pull of the trigger just the same as most popular handguns carried today (even most modern revolvers are double action and work on the same principal.) Statistically speaking, rifles are used in a fraction of violent crimes committed in comparison to other weapons.

The push for people to think that somehow the .223 or the 5.56 round is so much more deadly than other calibers from any other firearms is a farce! You can't compare handgun round specs to rifle round specs because that's like apples to oranges. Reason being, for those who don't know, a rifle having a longer barrel allows all of the powder to be burned up before the bullet leaves the barrel where as a handgun's shorter barrel doesn't allow for that. Therefore, a bullet fired from a rifle will have more velocity and energy than the same bullet fired from a handgun. Aside from that most rifle rounds have significantly more powder in the round which increases energy and velocity.

A .223 generally has in the ball park of 1,200 ft lbs of energy while a common hunting round the 30-06 has around 3,200 ft lbs of energy. That's approaching 3 times the amount of energy which amounts to damage inflicted upon the target. The .223 caliber round is not at all the most powerful round nor does it do more damage than any other round.

A doctor talking about the damage of a handgun round vs a rifle round fails to point out all of the key differences in the two. He also fails to point out that for his statement to be valid in reference to the damage caused by a handgun he has to indicate whether the bullets were full metal jacket or other various styles of bullets because the full metal jacket handgun round would do significantly less damage than the other varieties.

These arguments cant be made without taking the vast amount of variables into play when making these different references. At the end of the day, the .223 caliber has been around since 1957 and semi automatic rifles have been readily available in the United States since around 1902. There is no argument that the firearms are the issue. The lack of respect for others, the lack of appreciation for human life, the lack of morals, and the lack of human decency is the root of our problems.

Drudge Retort

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