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Yes I have Medicare, not because I wanted it but BC/BS required I take it at age 65. I pay 294 a month for Medicare for my wife and I. I pay 661 a month for BC/BS, I do not have to pay for TRICARE or the VA. I stay away from the VA hospital, the kids coming back from these damn endless wars need it and I have the option to go to civilian Doctors and Hospitals. Like Goatman, I have my PCP, Infectious Disease, Cardiologist, Cardiovascular Disease (legs) Thoracic Surgeon. Dermatologists, Urologist, Neurology, Podiatry and my PCP has just referred me to a Kidney specialist. Three of them have their PHD's and currently teach at a medical school. They indicated that they would quit general practice and just teach.

What I really want all of you younger folks to do is to think about what the current crop of Democrat Presidential contender's want to do. Think seriously about what their plans will cost YOU, not just what little bit you may get.

I do believe that climate change is real but the Earth it's self puts more green house gases into the environment. Do 7.5 Billion humans have an effect? Of course we do, but the little 350 million in the US are not the big problem, China with it's 1.5 Billion and India with 1 Billion have a larger impact. That we should try to get off of fossil fuels is in fact one of the goals we should have (using oil to power cars and trucks is the worst waste of a finite resource). But let us do this in such a way as to not destroy peoples lives and send us back to the 1700's.

The cost of college has gone through the roof, because the government came in, gave a lot of money to kids and the Universities took advantage of it. Think Liz Warren getting paid 400K to teach one class a semester. Talk about being over paid. Instead of giving people money to study BS, put it back with the bank's where you will have to prove that your degree will really mean something, and allow it to be written off in bankrupt fillings. Both Banks, College's and individuals will be more careful. Further, College's need to be held accountable for giving kids BS course's knowing that on graduation they will be able to work at McDonalds flipping burgers.

I do not know the answer on health care. If I did I would be working in Washington to solve the problem. Insurance companies have caused hospital cost to go up. Big Pharm is gouging the country and needs to be rained in. Neither Democrat's or Republican's want to really change that because they get too much money from them. Most of you are too young, but I remember when every county had a general hospital where poor people could go. Additionally, when we had all of those dirty factories, everyone who worked at one had health benefits. That was almost standard with jobs in the past, not anymore. I just know that folks from Canada, the UK, Denmark and other European countries come here for health care, if they can afford it. I do not want to see the US become a country where you need to travel to another country for timely health care.

Drudge Retort

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