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To be clear, I'm not advocating that anyone self medicate with veterinary drugs, but I'm getting fed up with the biased media treatment of this drug.. Ivermectin is an extraordinarily SAFE drug in therapeutic doses, with minimal side effects. The claims that Ivermectin is killing people, or that it is likely to kill this man or hasten his death have no basis in fact. Ivermectin is only fatal when grossly overdosed, or when administered to people or animals with a very specific rare gene defect. Ivermectin is given to cattle routinely, so unless you are vegan you probably have some in your body.

Granted, Ivermectin has not been conclusively double blind placebo proven effective against COVID. My view is that ANY treatment that offers even a GLIMMER of hope that it could save a persons life, and that treatment is relatively harmless, ... WHY would you deny the patient the opportunity to try it? According to the lawsuit they have exhausted all other treatment protocols . They have a physician willing to prescribe it and they are willing to waive liability, they just need the hospital to allow it. Ideally, they would transfer him to a different hospital willing to follow their treatment plan, but he is not stable enough to move, so he is basically forced to stay.

An analogy ... ..supposing he is Catholic and his wife wants him to wear a cross and allow a priest to bless him with holy water ... .but they say, "no this is a Jewish hospital and there is no proof prayer or holy water is curative, so we won't allow it. And the holy water might kill him because it isn't sterile and the cross could scratch him and cause an infection.

The man is DYING, let him try the ivermectin ... ...

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