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Sorry, I'm a scientist who spent a lot of time in academia. I've followed closely anti-science movements like anti-vaxx, climate change denial, HIV denial, evolution denial ...
They all use that laughable line.
Seriously, do you have any idea what academic salaries are like? Or the fact that you don't get a grant then simply pay yourself what you want? Or that grants aren't for that much (in the big picture) and you're expected to produce A LOT in order to get it renewed? Or that study sections are anything but buddies yucking it up handing out the government bennies to each other?
Science hasn't changed much (for better or for worse). Society did.

#114 | POSTED BY JPW AT 2022-09-29 03:35 PM | REPLY

JPW, you put alot into what you think I meant that I didn't say at all. I pay attention when you post because I can see you know your subject matter. I have a great deal of respect for scientists and academia, and know that most of you work very hard and adhere to scientific methodology and truth seeking. Unfortunately there is a small minority of your peers who sell their souls, and use their skills to advance pharmaceutical profits, political doctrines, or media talking points for click bait. I'm sure you've seen the poorly done studies, manipulated statistical analysis and misleading "experts" on TV and the internet. These people (who come from BOTH sides of the political spectrum) should infuriate you as much as they infuriate me.

Unfortunately these people make it difficult for the layman to discern truth. The result is a generalized lack of trust in what people USED to see as reliable sources. THAT is what I was talking about. Once upon a time, people knew if Walter Cronkite said it, it was probably true. They respected people with titles like Doctor or Professor. But so many of those people have pimped themselves out and aligned themselves with profit or causes, nobody trusts those titles anymore. That really SUCKS for people like you and leaves a void for the disinformation specialists to walk right into.

The only mermaid story I ever heard was the Little Mermaid, so naturally I thought all mermaids were white. All princesses were white for that matter, but we dressed up like them anyway. Same with the cool kids on the Partridge Family and Brady Bunch. All white. The only Black folk I saw on TV were Basketball players, Soul Train Dancers and Sanford and Son. This reinforced the belief that i could never aspire to be a princess or a singer like Lori Partridge, but I could be a dancer, basketball player or car mechanics ... .or a maid. Lots of Black maids on TV. It's hard to say how that limited my childhood goals and aspirations.

I recently came across an old family photo taken at a baby shower. The mom to be Is surrounded with gifts, baby products in manufacturers packaging adorned with photos of smiling white babies. I remember My little cousin asked, "Is she gonna have a white baby, cuz she only got white baby diaoers." We laughed uproariously, but it really hit home for me that day that the companies making these products didn't care about brown babies. I went to another baby shower recently and noticed the change in imagery that has taken place over the decades. That took too long.

I am delighted with Disney's fairly recent efforts to integrate beloved fairy tales. I don't care if they recast every single beloved character ... ..every child of color deserves a chance to see a variety of heroes who look like them. Every white child already has this, and Can benefit from the opportunity to see heroism in someone who does NOT look like them.

That's not "woke ----", it's reality, and it doesn't hurt anyone to be inclusive. If you don't like the new reboots, just watch your old VHS tapes over and over again.

Speak Softly, What you are communicating to Black and brown children is "Go :create your own heroes, write your own stories, you can't be part of the stories that have been woven into America for generations" GFY

"And WTF is wrong with fund raising? If the numbers were down would it be just as nefarious to you? Do you think they shouldn't raise money to do this work? Do you have the same condemnation for every NGO, every charity, every politician? What a strange aspersion you're attempting."

#16 | Posted by YAV at 2022-09-17 08:55 AM | Reply | Flag:

What a strange aspersion YOU are attempting because I didn't say ANY of those things. I agree, ADL does provide value. There is nothing wrong with fundraising. Its not nefarious. I haven't condemned anybody or anything. Can we get back on topic please and stop assigning positions to me? You are coming across as paranoid and desperate for an opponent.

I'm a triple minority and I support the work the ADL is doing. I'm not opposed to the articles I linked, and their attempt to personalize it with a "right in your backyard" campaign for each state is pretty smart. What I have a problem with is those who cherry pick one state (as the OP did) and use the article to flame that one state and ALL the people in it. Extremism is on the rise nationwide. as the linked articles prove. It is not concentrated in red states, blue states or purple states. Its something we ALL should be concerned about and seek solutions, rather than falling in lock step to allow them to divide us further.

The barrage of red state/blue state rhetoric designed to turn the states against one another is disturbing. That is straight out of the Russian playbook to destroy America by dividing us into opposing factions, first politically and then geographically with the ultimate goal of a civil war. We had a Russian defector as a houseguest in the 70's She warned us this was their long term plan and I'm watching it happen before my eyes.

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