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"Iran shot down a plane while they were attacking us"

America effectively declared war on Iran back in 1953 when they decided to help overthrow the democratically elected leader in a coup, installing a puppet that was responsible for years of oppression and death with the blind eye of America turned away. A good case could be made in a court of law that everything Iran has done since that time could be considered self-defense. At no time has Iran ever attacked or threatened the American mainland. Iran does not have dozens of military bases surrounding America with nuclear missiles pointing at homeland targets, including cultural ones, putting millions of ordinary people several seconds away from annihilation. Every one of those acts is an effective act of war against Iran. I will also note that America continues to pollute its politics by allowing Israel undue influence over its foreign policy decision-making. Trump, in his idiocy, has allowed himself to be influenced by those who place Israel's interests over America's.

You are defending an irrational foreign policy that has been irrational for over three generations. Your pimp Trump is only the latest moron to get sucked into it. You gladly follow along.

It's in America's best interest for the future to change gears, reduce presence and ultimately and get out of there. A few years back, it was thought that Trump might actually help with that. But now he has taken himself and his devoted turd polishers down the crapper and just made it near impossible to avoid further escalation/conflict.

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