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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Well, another Barnes & Noble closed so I have to drive further, but I still love my book stores. A few antique shops still around and a fave is still on Elfrelth Alley in Philly. read more

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

With Impeachment, a walk down memory lane to the history of past presidents is an oddity. Take for instance Trump being removed. It would make Pence president. History provides a weird event. read more


Impeachment was wrong for Clinton.

It has to be high crimes. Did Clinton do bad things? Sure.

But did you listen to Dershowitz?

In England, a show of no confidence and they just simply get rid of their opponent.

Our Forefathers debated the idea of impeachment. Then, they debated what would be the requirement to bring impeachment.

The House is messing with the Founders biggest, argued issue, and the Senate is legitimizing it.

Abuse of power has been said of every single president. Obstruction of Congress is a right of co equal branches of govt. The House needed to honor the creation of our govt and the rules of the co equal. The judicial should have been used to settle the dispute.

The House, and the Senate may, allow this precedence. Once they do, the die will be cast. The Executive branch will be subject to the will and perogative of the Legislative. No need for the Judicial branch. The branches will no longer be equal. The weight of the seriousness of impeachment has lowered the bar for high crimes.

This is fraught with danger and it still sounds like no one is afraid. The next president must answer the House. The courts are no longer needed. The crimes dont have to be defined, they dont have to be high. Just not liked and the opinion of the majority is all that matters.

Did you know why John Tyler was almost impeached for Abuse of Power? Because he 'abused' the Presidential veto. He dared to use it often. But, it was his authority to use it, but was accused of abuse. We are one step from abuse of Constitutional intent.


Why did they leave?


It really cold outside

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