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Saturday, August 24, 2019

David Koch, the billionaire who famously cheated death " first in an airplane crash, and later in a multi-decade battle with cancer " has finally met his maker at 79.

But the toxic empire he built, gilded with society-friendly largesse, survives him. Koch brought " or more accurately bought " New York respectability for a ruthless Wichita oil clan whose business cut corners and fouled the environment, whose fortune was amassed atop staggering EPA violations and a wrongful death judgment.

With his brother and co-owner of Koch Industries, Charles, David also built a right-wing political juggernaut that helped remake the Republican party into a playground for climate deniers that, at its core, has become a subsidiary of the oil-industry. read more

New Rule: Trump, Save Earth! | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) read more

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Chris Matthews' Despicable Scaremongering On Med4All

The Jimmy Dore Show
Published on Aug 21, 2019 read more

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) may be underestimated in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, according to a flurry of new polling released in the last week.

The polls show Sanders is firmly entrenched in the race's top tier of candidates with former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) " and that there is some distance between these three candidates and the rest of the field.

But the surveys give considerable hope to Sanders, who has been largely overshadowed over the past few months by Warren's buzzy campaign.

Given his grass-roots fundraising and his organization, the polling suggests Sanders will be in the race for the long haul and that he stands a good chance of winning. read more

A new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll is just the latest survey showing the former VP with the biggest lead over Trump. It has Biden up 7 point over the president in a hypothetical general election matchup, 42 percent to 35 percent. Other than Bernie Sanders, who led Trump by 5 points, every other Democrat is either tied with the incumbent or trails him. read more


Beavis & Butthead - Shakin', Eddie Money

"Whoa, how did he make that sound with his mouth?"


I've already pointed out that the VA is short-staffed 40,000 doctors and nurses.

And speaking of doctors and nurses outside the VA, they of course do their best, however ...

Most Private Doctors Not Prepared to Treat Veterans

June 29, 2018

More than 800,000 veterans in New York find it difficult to get quality health care outside the VA, according to a study released in March by the RAND Corp.

In New York, VA operates 12 medical centers and 48 outpatient clinics, but only about half of the state's vets are enrolled in the VA system. And only 58 percent of those enrolled used the VA in 2015, according to the RAND report.

The authors conclude that these results mean "many" New York veterans are receiving health care in the community sector.

The RAND study shows that timely access to care is not the problem in New York " quite the contrary. Some 61 percent of surveyed providers reported that new patients would be seen within two weeks, while 45 percent said most patients could be seen the same day they call for an appointment.

The main problem, according to the report, is quality care. Only about 13 percent of surveyed medical providers said they had participated in formal training with regard to military and veteran culture. Of those who had not received formal training, less than half expressed an interest in receiving future training.

To determine the "readiness" of private doctors, researchers used seven questions. They asked physicians if they were:

- Currently accepting new patients.
- Prepared to deal with conditions common among veterans.
- Providing high-quality care to their patients.
- Screening for other conditions common among veterans.
- Accommodating patients with disabilities.
- Familiar with military culture.
- Screening patients to determine whether they are current or former members of the armed forces or family members of such a person.

Just 2.3 percent of providers met all of these criteria, the report revealed.

Goatman, you're a nice guy who served America honorably on active duty -- but the power of your personality cannot win this argument.

The Koch Brothers do everything they can to minimize the VA and steer veterans to private healthcare where they can then profit off them ... despite studies continually showing that VA healthcare is better for veterans.

If you like your non-VA pulmonologist, then that's good, but these are the facts.

Danielle Smalley & Jason Stone (Lively, Texas)


On August 24, 1996, teenagers Danielle Smalley and Jason Stone were burned alive by a butane leak from a Koch Industries pipeline.

The teens smelled the deadly butane vapor that was spreading through their community. Because their house had no working phone, they took off in a pick-up truck to dial 911 from a neighbor's. En route, the truck stalled in a fog of the vapor.

Seconds later, when Danielle restarted the truck, the gas ignited in a "huge explosion and horrendous fireball," a witness said.

The 570-mile-long pipeline transporting liquid butane from Oklahoma to Texas had corroded so badly that pipeline safety expert Edward Ziegler likened it to swiss cheese.

An investigation conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board found that Koch Industries never provided any of the 40-45 families living near the explosion site"including those of the killed teenagers"any safety protocols for an emergency.

The Board concluded that Koch could have protected the pipeline from corrosion if it was properly managed and the necessary inspections were conducted.

The state jury found that Koch Industries acted with malice, at it had been aware of the extreme risks of using the faulty pipeline.

Danielle Smalley's family used the settlement money to create a foundation in her name dedicated to pipeline safety and public education. While large oil companies like ExxonMobil, BP, and Kinder Morgan accept free services from the foundation, Koch refuses them.

"I will tell you Koch Industries is definitely responsible for the death of Danielle Smalley" " Bill Caffey, Koch EVP

Why do people get their panties in a knot when people point out how awful a human being David Koch was?

David Koch NEVER cared about anyone but himself and his billions, period.

I wonder if these haters know that Ruth Bader Ginsburg got treatment from a a cancer clinic donated by Koch?


So are you, as a veteran, going to apply that same standard to VA healthcare that the Koch Brothers have done their damndest to wreck, then profit from with things like the Mission Act?


The Trump administration's multipronged effort to privatize the VHA and push millions of veterans out of the VA system remains deeply unpopular among American veterans.

But rather than adjust its proposals to meet the needs and wishes of veterans, the administration has a better idea: deny that the changes"which include funding private care at taxpayer expense"amount to privatization at all.

Over the past several weeks, VA Secretary Robert Wilkie and his advisors from the Koch brothers-funded Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) have launched a PR offensive refuting critics who contend that the agency's plan to funnel money to private care will lead to VHA privatization.

See, it's easy for me to say to a veteran like yourself that if you say Trump and Mission Act is good for veterans, then, well, you simply don't know what's going on -- and there's little upside in me arguing with well-meaning but naive veterans.

That said, if billionaires own EVERY GODDAMNED THING, then are people supposed to genuflect for getting medical care in a hospital that was donated by some d-bag billionaire? I don't think so.

I live in America, not in some upside-done utopian billionaire playpen.

Maher Goes There: I'm Glad David Koch Is Dead and I Hope the End Was Painful'

"I guess I'm going to have to re-evaluate my low opinion of prostate cancer. He was 79, but his family says they wish he could live longer, but at least he lived long enough to see the Amazon catch fire."

"Condolences poured in from all the politicians he owned, and mourners have been asked in lieu of flowers to just leave their car engines running."

"As for his remains, he's been asked to be cremated and have his ashes blown into a child's lungs."

"Now, I know these may seem like harsh words and harsh jokes, and I'm sure I will be condemned for them on Fox News, which will portray Mr. Koch as a principled Libertarian who believed in the free market."

"He and his brother have done more than anybody to fund climate-science deniers for decades, so fuck him."

"The Amazon is burning. I'm glad he's dead and I hope the end was painful."



You're right, I thought lawyers were rooted in judicial ethics and facts ... and didn't go overboard with emotion-based arguments.

I'm very sure this Koch Brother human turd died as comfortably as if he went to sleep, considering his billions of dollars made possible he had the best pallative and hospice care money could buy.

Millions of Americans don't have that luxury ...

The Devastating Process of Dying in America Without Insurance


While Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurers cover hospice, millions of Americans"mostlyworking-pooradults under 65 don't have access to an insurance program.

In most of the19 statesthat have not accepted the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion, for example, qualifying for Medicaid is almost impossibleunlessyou're a child, pregnant, a parent on welfare, elderly, or disabled ...

In these states, more than 3 million adults fall into what's called theACA "coverage gap": They don't qualify for Medicaid under the states' rules, but make too little to qualify for federal subsidies on the government-run insurance marketplaces.

To put this in perspective, in order to qualify for those federal subsidies, a household has to make at least 100 percent of the federal poverty level"about$20,000 a year for a family of three.

Emergency rooms are brutal places for the dying.

Patients and their families can spend entire days waiting to be seen by a doctor.

In 2013, a local news channel reported14-hourwait times at Ben Taub, with as many as 100 people at a time filling the reception area.

Terminally ill patients must describe their symptoms again and again as they pass through various levels of triage, often undergoing tests or procedures intended to lay the groundwork for treatment they know is futile.

Once admitted to the hospital, they are disturbed every couple of hours by nurses checking vital signs, even if the patient has only hours to live.

There are the sounds and smells of other patients, and the comings and goings of a legion of hospital workers.

"You're dying in a semi-public place," says Nulia.

"That can be very difficult for somebody who's trying to have an environment of respect for their dying one."

Hospitalists like Nuila try to send terminally ill patients home with as much medication as possible and some sense of how to keep their symptoms at bay.

The textbook next step for insured patients, he says, is to suggest hospice so that families can get the proper care at home.

But he knows that many of his patients can't afford it.

"In a way, we've just sort of come to accept poor outcomes for unfunded patients," he notes.

"We just say, OK, let's hope that they get hospice services, or charity hospice kicks in.'"

According to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, only around1 percentof hospice services in the United States are delivered free of charge to families who otherwise have no way to pay for them.

Nonprofit hospice centers are often required to provide some charity care, but there are no government guidelines as to who should receive it or how much of it should be available in a given geographical area.One-fifthof all hospices nationwide provide no charity care.

This happens right here, in America, because of billionaire scumbags like David Koch who use their billions of dollars to ensure Americans don't have safety net systems that help them die with dignity ...

Instead, suffering is milked for every last cent for corporate-bottom-line profits.

And pussies like RoC get all offended when the death of these billionaire leeches are rightfully celebrated.

I agree with Moder8, I have no problems pointing out what sick POS' Pinche and Byrdman are for celebrating someone's death.

Get help.


Ever hear of the Robber Barons from the Gilded Age?


Robber Baron was a term applied to a businessman in the 19th century who engaged in unethical and monopolistic practices, utilized corruptpolitical influence, faced almost no business regulation, and amassed enormous wealth.

In the 1870s the term began to be used to describe business tycoons, and the usage persisted throughout the rest of the 19th century.

The late 1800s and the first decade of the 20th century are sometimes referred to as an age of robber barons.

The Rise of Robber Barons

As the United States transformed into an industrial society with little regulation of business, it was possible for small numbers of men to dominate crucial industries.

Conditions which favored vast accumulations of wealth included the extensive natural resources being discovered as the country expanded, the enormous potential workforce of immigrants arriving in the country, and the general acceleration of business in the years following the Civil War.

Railroad builders, in particular, needing political influence to build their railways, became adept at influencing politicians through the use of lobbyists, or in some cases, outright bribery.

In the public mind, robber barons were often associated with political corruption.

The concept oflaissez fairecapitalism, which dictated no government regulation of business, was promoted.

Facing fewimpediments to creatingmonopolies, engaging inshady stock trading practices,or exploiting workers, some individuals made enormous fortunes.

The men who were called robber barons were oftenportrayed in a positive light, as "self-made men" who had helped build the nation and in the process created many jobs for American workers.

However, the public mood turned against them in the late 19th century.

Criticism from newspapers and social critics began to find an audience. And American workers began to organize in great numbers as the labor movement accelerated.

Events in labor history, such as theHomestead Strikeand thePullman Strike, intensified public resentment toward the wealthy.

The conditions of workers, when contrasted with the lavish lifestyles of millionaire industrialists, created widespread resentment.

Even other businessmen felt exploited by monopolistic practices as it was virtually impossible to compete in some fields.

Common citizens became aware that monopolists could more easily exploit workers.

Critics noted the concentration of wealth as evil or weakness of society, and satirists, such as Mark Twain, derided the showiness of the robber barons as"the Gilded Age."

In 1894 the protest march byCoxey's Armydrew enormous publicity to a group of protesters who often spoke out against a wealthy ruling class that exploited workers.

Legislation Aimed at Robber Barons

The public's increasingly negative view of trusts, or monopolies, transformed into legislation with the passage of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act in 1890.

The law did not end the reign of robber barons, but it signaled that the era of unregulated business would be coming to an end.

Over time, many of the practices of the robber barons would become illegal as further legislation sought to ensurefairness inAmerican business.

America is currently in its SECOND Gilded Age ...


Don't be a naive boy, grow up.

And, I'm very happy to see a modern day Robber Baron like David Koch finally die. Too bad it didn't happen sooner. Good riddance to this billionaire douchebag.

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