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Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Four years ago, the Department of Veterans Affairs launched an ambitious initiative to cure all VA patients with chronic hepatitis C. Today, the department is more than three-quarters of the way, healing nearly 100,000 veterans of the virus, with 26,000 more to go. read more


Per the article ...

Today, the main medicines used by the VA to treat hepatitis C include Sovaldi and Mayvret, introduced to the market in 2017, an eight- to 12-week regimen that costs significantly less than other hepatitis C medications. A monthly supply of Mayvret before discounts is roughly $13,800, or $164 a pill.

The VA is so confident in the current available treatments for hepatitis C that it has begun offering patients needing organ transplants the option of receiving one that has tested positive for hepatitis C, followed by treatment for the virus.

Across the VA medical system, transplant centers are offering infected organs to VA patients desperate to get off transplant lists.

Navy veteran Jack Jones was treated two years ago for hepatitis C through the VA and recently was offered an infected kidney, which he accepted. After his transplant, he completed a treatment regimen for reinfection and is now back at home in Asheville, North Carolina. He no longer requires dialysis.

"I would recommend this, and the VA, to anyone," Jones said in a news release.

About 2.4 million Americans are infected with hepatitis C, with fewer than half aware that they have the infection, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Government run healthcare helping veterans that the private sector could never accomplish ... this is why veterans need to stay within the VA system for their healthcare.

All Americans should have access to this type of high quality healthcare that the VA provides to veterans.

And it's not like America can't afford it. We're the richest country ever, yet millions of Americans infected with Hepatitis C are going to suffer needlessly because of the politics and how money is spent as a nation.

VA Hospitals Outperform Non–Veterans Hospitals in Most Health Care Markets


Recent studies have reported that health care provided by the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is at least as good as that provided in the private sector.

These studies tended to compare a representative sample of VHA patients or hospitals with a representative sample not in the VHA system, after adjusting for known differences that might cause misleading results.

VA healthcare is better than anything veterans can get in private healthcare.

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