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Sunday, September 15, 2019

The capitalist economic system has major failures. It generates extreme, socially divisive inequalities of wealth and income. It consistently fails to achieve full employment. Many of its jobs are boring, dangerous and/or mind-numbing.

Every four to seven years, it suffers a mysterious downdraft in which millions of people lose jobs and incomes, businesses collapse, falling tax revenues undermine public services, and so on.

If these failures were widely perceived as the inherent failures of the capitalist system, the desirability and thus sustainability of capitalism itself might vanish.

How, then, has capitalism survived?

Its persistence can best be explained in terms of ideology. The system produces and disseminates interpretations of its failures that blame these problems not on capitalism itself, but on other altogether different "causes."

Institutions have developed mechanisms to anchor such interpretations widely and deeply in the popular consciousness. read more

Unpaid hospital bills are a leading cause of personal debt and bankruptcy across the nation, with hospitals from Memphis to Baltimore criticized for their role in pushing families over the financial edge. But UVA stands out for the scope of its collection efforts and how persistently it seeks payment, pursuing poor as well as middle-class patients for almost all they're worth. read more

The little-known back story of the hotel where Republican's gathered in Baltimore last week is how it embodies all the unjust policies that have created record wealth inequality in the US read more

For affluent, white-collar Americans, higher learning is something close to sacred. We bask in the sunshine of enlightenment that prestige universities radiate and we speak of them in the language of dreams, of religious veneration.

But now comes Daniel Markovits, a professor at Yale Law School, to tell us that far from solving economic inequality, higher education is one of the central forces driving our yawning class divide.

Top universities are the central but not only element of what Markovits calls "The Meritocracy Trap."

On the surface, meritocracy seems fair, but in reality, Markovits writes, what we call merit is "a pretense, constructed to rationalize an unjust distribution of advantage." ... It is "a mechanism for the concentration and dynastic transmission of wealth, privilege and caste across generations."

The results are ugly but undeniable. read more

Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Hill | Published on Sep 13, 2019

SNAP POLL: Yang, Warren, Sanders, in lead after debate.


I've earned my pay, my position, my career. I worked my ass off for it. It has payed off well.


How's that translated to your community?

Any blighted neighborhoods and pot-holed filled streets?

Any homeless people on the streets?

What if you ever have to go to your local ER -- will it be overcrowded with patients who's medical problems could've been dealt with in a more cost effective medical setting?

I also work my ass off -- and healthcare has unique problems ... www.nytimes.com ... that goes on top of the inefficiencies that are spelled out in the article and the video.

Just looking around and it's not hard to see the problems that could be addressed by de-emphasizing now corrosive effects of meritocracy ... drudge.com ... and rote memorizing, and re-emphasizing a more tailored approach to each students so they become better future employees and better citizens.

Here's a GREAT example of Democrats trying to be like Republicans, showing how Democrats can be such pathetic followers in American politics ...

Booed Democrats Invited To Join Republican Party

Delaney tried to say Medicare-for-all is bad policy with right-wing talking points and got booed off the stage.

Then there's Hickenlooper saying socialism is not the answer and got booed off the stage.

From FDR's time to the 1970s Democrats were real leaders in American politics, and Republicans did everything they could to be like Democrats, per the Republican Platform of 1956 in post # 15.

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