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Yes, Trump misspoke (or, really, misread the teleprompter) when he was discussing the waiver of [something] that the insurance companies were going to waive. That isn't a "fact check," as that generally has the connotation of deceit. Trump had the correct and agreed script on the teleprompter, he just misread a line on the teleprompter.

Senator Schumer made actual threats against Supreme Court Justices and then he said it was about Republican Senators--and Schumer was not even censured? Schumer impromptu statement about the Supreme Court Justices essentially feeling his wrath is not protected free speech and Schumer should be investigated, arrested (if appropriate), and sentenced to prison (as if he were a regular citizen). When citizens make threats against the Supreme Court, those threats are investigated. Schumer believes he is above the law because he is a U.S. Senator. His arrogance is far worse than Trump's.

I still don't like Trump and I consider him an arrogant blowhard. However, I'm going to vote for Trump this fall just because I absolutely despise the "fact checking" where Trump is assailed for simply misreading a teleprompter. Yes, he misread it. If you were in front of an audience as much as Trump is, you'd make gaffes, too.

Now here is the catch. Biden talks about Super Thursday and how he's not running for President, but he's running for the Senate--those are true signs of diminished mental faculties caused, most likely, by dementia or by alzheimer's. Both Biden and Sanders are too old, and Trump is pushing the limit.

To be fair (which is a bizarre and delusional state for Democrats), Biden should undergo testing to make sure he is mentally competent for office (and NOT running for the Senate). Sanders needs to release his medical records. Schumer should be impeached for threatening the Supreme Court.

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