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Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Clark County Black Caucus said Thursday that it would throw its support behind Bernie Sanders, the latest in a flurry of Nevada endorsements this week as he seeks to shore up support in a key early contest. Clark County includes Las Vegas and is far and away the most populous county in the state.


some of the many lie's of Liz

Claiming for years on government forms that her race was "American Indian"
When a mother accused her of having sent her children to private schools, insisting her children "went to public schools" when one of them actually did go to private school
Claiming to support Medicare For All but then, when criticized for it, backing off it completely and promising to pass something else
Claiming that only billionaires would pay more under her Medicare For All plan, when that wasn't true
Allowing Harvard Law School to claim her as its first "woman of color"
Claiming that a DNA test supported the contention that she was an American Indian, then deleting the evidence she had done this
Claiming to have been the first nursing mother to take the New Jersey bar, then when asked for evidence, saying that she "was making a point about the very serious challenges she faced."
Telling a dubious story about her grandparents having to elope because of discrimination
Saying she was "not political" in her younger years when she was in fact a "diehard conservative" Republican
Claiming recipes she copied word for word from the New York Times were ancient Cherokee family dishes
Pretending that she was releasing a health-care plan that did not raise middle class taxes
Claiming to have "created the intellectual foundation" for Occupy Wall Street
Criticizing the revolving door between the banking sector and government despite personally putting bankers in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

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