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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

A New Hampshire state representative said Tuesday he had formally left the Republican Party in protest of what he said was an emerging strain of anti-vaccination rhetoric coming from state House leaders. State Rep. William Marsh, an ophthalmologist who has won election to four terms in the state House, said he had met with the town clerk of Brookfield to change his registration to affiliate with Democrats.

Bob Enyart, a notoriously homophobic right-wing radio host who refused to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, has died of COVID-19 ... As Denver's Westword noted: "He would gleefully read obituaries of AIDS sufferers while cranking 'Another One Bites the Dust' by Queen, whose lead singer, Freddie Mercury, succumbed to the malady." read more

As if attempting to one-up last week's stupidity with regards to ivermectin, anti-vaxxers on Facebook and Twitter are advocating for a new and unproven Covid-19 treatment: Betadine, an antiseptic used to treat cuts and scrapes.

Monday, September 13, 2021

On Monday, the U.S. Capitol Police announced the arrest of a California man carrying a bayonet and machete inside a truck adorned with white supremacist and Nazi symbols, near the Democratic National Committee Headquarters. The officer pulled over the truck, which was missing a license plate, near 500 South Capitol Street. USCP say during the traffic stop, officers saw a bayonet and machete inside the truck, both of which are illegal in Washington, D.C. The driver, identified as 44-year-old Donald Craighead of Oceanside, told officers he was "on patrol" and began talking about white supremacist ideology and other rhetoric pertaining to white supremacy, the USCP news release said.

Gross." "Disgusting." "Without honor." These are the descriptions families of fallen soldiers are employing to describe how former President Donald Trump is using the recent deaths at Kabul's airport as a prop in his political and fundraising machine. On two separate occasions last week, Trump and his office blasted out written statements highlighting the anger and grief of two mothers who lost their sons in the Aug. 26 suicide bombing at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Afghanistan, promoting their deaths as an opportunity to take a swing at President Joe Biden. During the 2016 presidential race, when Khizir Khan spoke out against Trump's bigoted rhetoric and policy proposals, the then-future president went after the family with innuendo and his typical cattiness.


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Promises To 'Eliminate All Rapists'


It sounds like Governor Hot Wheels just threatened bunker bitch.

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