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Looks like I've hit a nerve with some of you. Sorry. Bottom line is that I'm not your enemy. I'm actually trying to find common ground with many of you. It's was not too long ago when it was possible for Dems and Reps to find some common group. I'd like to see those days again. To the person who said something like "are you suggesting that we don't have an election?" That's not what I'm saying but you have to admit that the Democrats could nominate a rock and he/she would win against Trump in California, Illinois, Oregon, New York, Washington, etc. so in those states, it doesn't matter how many people vote for Biden. Don't you find it interesting that the "ballots for all registered voters" is going to mostly Democrat states? Fraud won't matter. I voted for Hillary in 2016 to make my wife happy because it didn't matter in my state (you'll all be happy to know that she's voting for Biden in 2020). For the last 4 years I've been tired of hearing that Hillary got more votes. I wonder how many people did what I did so this time, I'm actually voting for Trump. I fully expect that Biden will win the popular vote again because the big Democrat states are really fired up this year. Good for you. By the way, if Biden does win, I hope that the Republicans give Biden/the Democrats everything they want (without exception). I would like to see what the US would look like under full Democrat control. Sycophant, if there are mail-in voters who vote after November 3rd, their vote won't count. I'm sure all of the courts will allow weeks to go by before the votes are considered invalid. Also, please remember to follow the mail in voting rules because if you don't, your vote also wont count. Sorry. Zed, that's for saying that I'm not a moron. But sick? Really? I expect that many of you would find common ground with me if you were to know me. I'm not that unreasonable. That said, bring on the hate.

Obama was lucky with H1N1. Did Obama require masks for that virus? No. Look it up. Check out the images if you search on "N1H1 vaccine lines". No masks anywhere. Like almost all flus, it is transmitted through the air. Why no masks? Additionally, the H1N1 was a known strain of the swine flu and a vaccine was available. Comparing H1N1 to Covid-19 is really showing your ignorance. Let's talk about Covid-19. If you're telling me that some democrat would have implemented a full countrywide lockdown and required a mask in January, you're being quite optimistic of your democrat buddies. Democrats in Feb and early March will still talking about visiting places like Chinatown in San Fran and have a nice dinner out in Manhattan. I so wish we could run the clock back and give the Dems a try at this to see how they would have dealt this this in its early stages and I'd like to see how they'd be dealing with the vaccine issue. Maybe if the dems were in charge, they would have locked down the country for the next three years while they were waiting for the vaccine to go through the trials and maybe we'd be having to wear masks for the next decade. I wonder if you'd be complaining about that? Probably not because as much as you think I've consumed the republican cool-aid, you've drunk the democrat cool-aid. There's a part of me that would like Biden to win because this site will be toast. Nothing to complain about. Bad orange man gone. Good democrats doing good things with nothing to complain about.

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