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Go watch the Dem debates in 2019. They all raised their hands for giving them free stuff.

#31 | Posted by Skeptical

Maybe you should have asked one of them about it instead of just parroting the breitbart headline.

"South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg was the first to defend the concept, arguing that a federal program providing health coverage to undocumented migrants would not significantly add to the deficit.

"Our country is healthier when everybody is healthier. And remember we're talking about something people are given a chance to buy into. In the same way that there are undocumented immigrants in my community who pay " they pay sales taxes, they pay property taxes, directly or indirectly " this is not about a hand out. This is an insurance program and we do no favors by having 11 million undocumented people in our country be unable to access health care," he said."

If that's too many words for you I'll boil it down - it's not free. They pay into it like everyone else.

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