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Pointing out a fact like 50% of murders in this country are committed by 3.5% of the population, young black men from 16 to 30 is not racist, it is the truth

#11 | Posted by docnjo at 2020-02-09 02:48 PM | Reply

Not quite. I didn't actually bother to look up what data supported that assertion, but, assuming those numbers were correct, it would be much more correct to say that of the murders where someone was convicted, 50% of them resulted in an arrest and charges for young black men aged from 16-30.

By the way, a huge number of murders go unsolved in this country - one example from this article from 2018 - nearly 40% of murders went unsolved in 2017, and the clearance rate was worse in rural areas than in big cities.

Maybe your facts aren't quite as clear-cut as you think. By the way, what percentage of the population do you think commits murders in general? Or more to the point of the statistic you are attempting to use, what percentage of the population is charged with murder? Is there something that may be skewing the populations arrested and charged with murder? We know that blacks are more likely to be charged with drug crimes than whites, despite similar rates of offense. Is there a similar bias in these statistics?

Stating such statistics without the actual context and uncertainties isn't really presenting the truth.

Not only do China and India still have tensions over that border, they have had skirmishes (battles actually involving shooting) over it as recently as 1987, and lots of other military standoffs. India remains concerned about China continuing to take territory India believes belongs to it.

If you don't understand that they even share a border, how would you understand the security concerns India has about it?

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