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Im the only person on this board who actually worked in the US Capitol, I know exactly how the access badge system works. If Capitol access cards were deactivated, that was done within the office of the Sergeant at Arms. That's not within the purview of the Secret Service. At all. There are three branches of government. The President cannot give orders to The Sergeant at Arms. Now go back to your Tom Clancy novels.

#22 | Posted by Miranda7 at 2021-11-12 03:04 PM | Reply

Does the Sergeant at Arms also control access to the VP Office Complex and the White House? From the article: "Access had been shut off to the VP Office Complex and the White House as well during the same time frame."

Maybe it works differently in DC, but wouldn't the Executive Branch have control over what Executive Branch badges were valid? Would they not be able to shut off all access for Executive Branch employees if they, say, fired them? Just how manual is this process?

Wouldn't they be able to say: "Shut off access for the following badge numbers: xx-yy, as they are no longer active" or something similar, even if they didn't have the ability to shut them all off themselves? Maybe the Sergeant at Arms would have been involved in that, or maybe it was a routine request that wouldn't have been questioned. What level of person within the office would have been required to physically go into the system and deactivate badges? How much pushback would someone in the Executive Branch receive telling the office of the Sergeant of Arms that certain badges should not have access to VP-related areas within the Capitol during a certain time frame?

Yet, somehow, per capita Covid death cases in Florida is 25th in the country. NY with Pandemic God Cuomo at the helm is #2.

Yet the Florida governor is nicknamed "DeathSantis". Never mind the fact that public health goes way beyond this pandemic. The more draconian lockdowns had horrible public health outcomes - suicides, substance abuse, domestic abuse, depression all WAY up. Throw in the loss of critical development for children in states that shut-down in person learning. Then the economic havoc. The lockdowns destroyed the livelihoods of millions of people. The states that took the big picture approach did a far better job overall. Florida's economy fared much better than states that were much more stringent with their lockdowns.

The Desantis hate really makes no sense.

#9 | Posted by BellRinger at 2021-09-10 04:36 PM | Reply | Funny: 1

According to Wordometer Florida currently stands at #12 and New York is at #3. I have little faith in your economic assertions, nor your assertions on how other problems were "way up". I would like to see some hard numbers from a reliable source, since the first assertion I checked has already shown to be faulty.

Looking more at the data, more than half of New York's deaths occurred before mid-May of 2020, meaning they were people who were likely infected by the end of April 2020, before we really had good information on how widespread the virus was and before most of the mitigations were in place. There was a second spike last winter, after things had started to open back up over the summer and the holiday spikes in infections. It seems to have plateaued since early summer. You can see this when you scroll down this page on Worldometers

Florida, on the other hand, despite some dodgy numbers, is showing a rapid spike in the last month, and active cases is higher than it has ever been for Florida. I say dodgy numbers, because the trends do not make sense with what we know about how this disease works. It does not seem likely that the number of deaths and the number of new cases would start falling at the same time, for example, yet they show that way in Florida for this month.

If you were to remove that early spike from New York's numbers and look at post-mitigation, Florida has nearly 2x the per capita deaths. Even with that early spike, New York continues to fall down the list, and Florida is rising. I'm not sure I'd call that success.

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