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As someone who has a hesitant libertarian bent, I don't understand the new breed of right-wingers. They claim to be small-government conservatives yet clamor for government interference in a woman's fundamental choice about whether to allow a separate organism to grow inside her body. They love self-defense, reacting with joy when someone kills a burglar who is looking to steal some stuff to fund their opiate habit, but they don't recognize a woman's right to bodily integrity. Even if she gets pregnant intentionally, choosing later to terminate the pregnancy, isn't that akin to inviting your brother to stay with you and then evicting him in the winter, condemning him to homelessness and possibly death? Let's just assume for the sake of argument that the choice to evict your brother is immoral. Fine. Believe what you want about morality, but how can a right-winger justify laws restricting a person's right to bodily integrity? If you're truly a small-government conservative or libertarian, why do you think the law should enforce morality on citizens? What if, 100 years down the road, the US is a majority Muslim country? Do you support the government making and enforcing laws requiring "moral" behavior in the eyes of the Muslim majority? (Keep in mind that only a minority of US citizens believe abortion should be illegal.)

Although not relevant to this particular topic, I have another bone to pick with Trump-cons. Why do so many of you fly a blue line flag AND NOT an American flag? You're flying a flag celebrating government! Or did you fail to realize that police are government? Not only are they government, but they're the form of government with the most power to interfere in our lives. They can steal your property, kill you, and make your life a living hell without consequences. How dumb can a group of people be?

Drudge Retort

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