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I hope he does. In the 21st century, what kills America is hypocrisy. Too much coming from one side when not in power is destroying things. We not only need limited terms for POTUS but limited terms by party, too. The amount of Democrat hypocrisy in the last 4 years has done enough damage to the country. It's time to get a Dem back in office so the Reps can begin their hypocrisy anew and give us a fresh place to start from so that the bar can at least recover again until the Reps bring it back down. Another Trump term is going cause Dem hypocrisy to lower the bar even worse (something that seems impossible but, of course, isn't) and do permanent damage that we will never be able to recover from. I know it sucks to legislate based on grown folk crying like babies but this country has to keep up with the times are all is lost.

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Without a doubt, THE dumbest take of the day! Seriously.

GOP=hypocrisy. It has never ended. Ms. Lindsey and Moscow Mitch on Clinton impeachment witnesses versus the Drumpf impeachment witnesses. Ms. Lindsey on Drumpf himself. The Russia hawk GOP rolling over and showing their bellies to Putin and his puppet. The law and order party electing the most criminally corrupt POTUS in the history of the country. The family values party electing a thrice married philanderer who has been credibly accused of sexual assault by at least 20 women and who bragged about is sexual assault technique, which coincidentally confirms the stories of the 20 women as to how he grabbed their privates. Drumpf claiming he would never golf while POTUS, or that he was putting his assets in a blind trust, or that he was working for the American people when all along the Conman in Chief has only been working for himself. His public versus private stance on Coronavirus and on and on and on. GOP is the party of hypocrisy, pure and simple.

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