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"Oops, forgot the Russian stooge thing. That is just stupid made-up --------."

Let's count the ways:
Paul Manafort - Russian plant VOLUNTEERS to run Dotards campaign FOR FREE.
Manafort shares private, internal polling data with a Russian spy just before the election so the campaign and the Internet Research Agency could coordinate.
Michael Flynn - Dotard's Sec Def, Russia/Putin-loving plant, and a traitor.
NRA washed tens of MILLIONS of Russian dollars into GQP coffers.
Mueller found lots of Dotard campaign collusion with Russia, but because the campaign was illegally using encrypted messaging apps, he could not get to the legal conspiracy standard.
Cokehead and Complicit Ken take a meeting in Trump Tower with a Russian agent regarding hacked DNC emails.
According to Cokehead, the Drumpf Org was getting a disproportionate amount of their money from Russia FOR YEARS. What were the Russians buying?
Why did an oligarch pay nearly twice as much to Dotard sight unseen for a run-down Florida Property that Mango Mussolini had just overpaid for?
There has been open talk FOR YEARS that Dotard has been laundering Russian money through his properties, one of the reasons that Mueller was forbidden from looking at his financials.
SEVEN GQP Senators spend July 4, 2018, in Moscow; why? It wasn't to tell Russia not to interfere in the election, as was their cover story, because that was part of Diaper Donnie's magic sauce.
Dotard gives classified info to Russian agents in a meeting in the WH with nobody else from the US in attendance.
Dotard whipes Putin's ------ off his mouth, then sides with him over US Intel in Helsinki, a meeting where the US interpreter's notes were seized and destroyed. A presser where Dotard suggested Russia should be part of the investigation into who interfered in the 2016 election.
Dotard, Faux Spews, and the QTards in the GQP caucus support Russia and Putin in their brutal invasion of Ukraine.

That's just off the top of my head; I could go on, such as why, during the campaign, did Complicit Ken ask the Russian embassy to set up comms for him with the Kremlin that could not be monitored by US Intel; or when Diaper Donnie asked Russia to hack HRC's emails they hacked the DNC within hours. See two more for free. One or two might be coincidental, but the above is a pattern. Never before had ANY US Presidential campaign had much contact if any with a foreign adversary. Dotard's campaign was in near constant contact with the foreign adversary that tipped the election.

My ex-wife and I honeymooned in Orlando in 1989. We had a blast. My current wife and I did a week in CA for our honeymoon, going to Disney and Universal, and had a great time. As long as FL is a bastion of fascism, they will get zero of my hard-earned tourism dollars.

I think the reason for the cancellation is two-fold. First, it is an -- to Pudding Fingers and the ball washers in the GQP who are enabling this. And it's not just the 2000 jobs, only 1000 of which were reportedly going to be existing Disney employees; those jobs each paid at least $120,000, which has a massive trickle-down effect on local economies. Second, the word is that Disney had a revolt on their hands as the Imagineers re--sed to move to Fascistland where if they or a family member are LGBTQ+, they have fewer rights; if they are women, they have fewer rights; where if their wife or daughter is raped, they will be forced to carry the rapists baby; where pregnancy will soon become a leading cause of death for women; where their kids will be poorly educated and have fewer opportunities; where they stand a better chance of being gunned down by a heavily armed, brainwashed MAGAt; where Kinky Boots has a significant insurance problem on his hands, etc.

One of the things people seem to have missed in Iger's comments were that Disney plans to spend a whopping $17 billion at Disney World in the next decade, followed by this: "So, I'm going to finish ... by asking one question. Does the state want us to invest more, employ more people, and pay more taxes, or not?" So, yeah it was a shot across the bow.

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