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Knowing about the sexual competition Gaetz and other GQP lawmakers played in the FL state house, I now understand why he lept to the defense of Katie Hill and AOC, which seemed bizarre at the time. We know that Gaetz voted against a Florida revenge porn bill telling the bill's author that the holder of photos and videos could do whatever they wanted, which means he personally sides with Hill's ex-husband who used revenge porn to end her career. So why would Gaetz publically side with Hill? I'm fairly certain that Baby Gaetz probably thought he'd get a piece of Hill as a gesture of gratitude. I believe he's brought the sex game to DC, and bedding AOC or Katie Hill would score him major points. It would not be a stretch to think that Gaetz has hidden cameras in his office and his residence. Now I wonder who else in Congress is playing, after all he's showing other legislators naked photos and videos of his conquests. Perhaps this isn't just sick gloating, but a form of scorekeeping. He did request a blanket pardon for himself and GQP colleagues, believed by some as a way to hide his own dirty deeds, but now I strongly suspect that the rot goes deeper, and that Gaetz has infected multiple of his GQP colleagues who are currently playing the game with him. Maybe multiple of them were in need of the pardon. We know that reporting is that Greenberg and Gaetz were interested in paying one or more of the girls in their scheme to have sex with a GOP colleague. This is probably why
Gaetz and other GQP legislators were so concerned with what the FBI was doing with their phone data during the 1/6 hearings.

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