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The far Reich SCROTUS will force Dems hands. As soon as SCROTUS rips away healthcare from millions of people, Dems will recognize that no matter how popular the piece of legislation, no matter how big the vote in favor, or how carefully crafted it is, this radical SCROTUS will take up any lunatic challenge if it meets their objective of a conservative Christian theocracy/oligarchy where all money flows to the top. Next, they'll be coming for your birth control, and I expect that even Social Security and Medicare (if they survive thanks to Dotard) will be in front of the court in a few years.

I don't recall who wrote it, but I read a column recently that was spot-on. I've long believed that the reason the GOP was working like meth-crazed weasels to re-make the courts at the expense of everything else is because they recognize that they are quickly becoming forever a minority party and this is their last gasp to hold onto some semblance of power. The column opened my eyes to the idea that the courts will actually push our government further Reich, because they are willing to make rulings that will destroy popular programs where elected officials were not willing to make those same uncomfortable votes, ACA is a prime example.

If Dems are serious about climate change legislation, about a $15 dollar minimum wage, about a public option, about preserving Medicare and SS, about congressional subpoenas having the force of law, this craven move by the GOP will force the Dems to act. Early in this next legislative session, they will have to re-balance the courts because they are tilted so far to the Reich that even moderately liberal laws, programs or pieces of legislation will not survive SCROTUS scrutiny!

#8 | POSTED BY PRIUS04 AT 2020-10-23 05:51 PM | REPLY

Two things:

1. To answer your question; I think, if you are a Democrat, you must not just avoid corruption but also anything that could be perceived as corrupt even if looked at through a foggy lens in the middle of a fever dream at midnight during a full-moon lunar eclipse, because you know the GOP noise machine, amplified by Russian disinformation, is great at conflating nothing into a crescendo of VERY LOUD NOTHING which could cause certain soft-headed good ole' boys whose family trees don't branch to get up out of their Barcaloungers and vote; a certain birth certificate stands as Exhibit A and certain emails stand as Exhibit B. So it means that if your dad is VP, and will be expected to handle some overseas business on behalf of the administration, you sadly must limit your overseas business ventures because otherwise there is the potential for the screaming baboons to try to make something of it in the last two weeks before an election, or your dad has to recuse himself from the task and pass it off to somebody at State. Can you imagine the screaming baboons if Joe brought Hunter into the WH as an advisor? Read hatted heads would explode in trailer parks all over the country (mostly in the south)!

2. I didn't know that about Hunter and the WHO organization, good on him! Joe should have taunted Mango Mussolini last night with "how's that Nobel Prize thing going, you know who has a Nobel? President Obama. You know who built an organization that won a Nobel? My son Hunter!"

#2 | POSTED BY HUMTAKE AT 2020-10-23 11:42 AM | REPLY | FUNNY: 3

Congratulations, for the second day in a row, you have the stupidest take of the day!

Facts are NOT opinion! Dems expect that everybody will form their opinions from the SAME SET OF FACTS!

What's going on with Hunter Biden? Since most of us have not seen the hard drive or computer, we can only speculate. Is Hunter Biden's presence on the Burisma board problematic? Yes. Are Jared and Ivanka's presence in the WH pulling down government salaries and personally profiting like bandits MORE PROBLEMATIC? Hell YES! Interestingly, since Hunter's company has been involved with Burisma, international watchers of such things say the company is no longer the corrupt entity is was previous to his involvement, so his company has done what they promised and cleaned up the corruption.

So back to the computer. Since we KNOW from multiple sources that these emails were circulating for sale in Ukraine as far back as 2019; and we KNOW from multiple sources that the intel community warned the WH that Rudy was a prime target for Russian disinformation; and we KNOW based on what Sacha Baron Cohen did to him, that not only is Rudy a pervert thinking he was going to score with a 15-year-old girl, but that the dementia riddled old drunk is incredibly easily duped; and we KNOW that the intel community has identified Rudy's main source of dirt in Ukraine, Dmitry Firtash, a Russian operative; and we KNOW that Dotard was impeached for trying to extort Ukraine to start an investigation into what he saw as his primary threat, Joe Biden; and we KNOW thanks to the GOP led Senate Intelligence Committee that Russia interfered in the 2016 election on behalf of Dotard; and we KNOW that since the election, Combover Quisling has bent over backwards to help/agree with/defend Russia at every opportunity; and we KNOW that the MAGA computer shop owner, who is legally blind, has changed his story multiple times about the circumstances surrounding the computer and as to whether it was actually Hunter Biden who dropped off the computer; and we KNOW that Hunter Biden lives in LA, so why the hell would he be dropping his computer off at a Delaware shop, and why would he not reclaim it? With all the above facts and circumstances, I tend to believe all the national security voices who say this has all the hallmarks of a Russian disinformation operation, especially since it was dropped two weeks before the election. Now some things I've heard from single sources, and have not had time to find confirmation for; the PDFs of the emails were all generated in Eastern Europe, thought that might be part of the fact that the emails were being peddled in Ukraine in 2019, and that the laptop is actually newer than the date that Hunter allegedly dropped it off.

Do I believe known liar "DNI" Ratface when he claims this is not Russian disinformation? Hell NO, he has lied on behalf of his cult leader before and I have no doubt he will continue to lie for him until President Biden kicks him out of his office and into some FBI handcuffs. I know Wray and the FBI had nothing more to add, but they have a policy of not speaking about ongoing investigations, whether this is money laundering, or counterintelligence, or whatever, it does not mean that they agree with Ratface, it's them following policy. We won't know for sure whether the computer is Russian disinformation until after the election when the FBI either issues a report, or as often happens with counterintelligence investigations, they just close it quietly, but even a blind MAGA computer shop owner could see that it stinks to high heaven!

And Hummer, if you read this entire piece, I'm sorry, I'm sure your lips are now really tired, take a break and rehydrate.

He's broke. He owes a billion dollars, much of that coming due in the next few years. There's an old saying about throwing good money after bad, he knows he's going to lose. In spite of his bluster, claiming that they're going to win back the House (HA), win the Senate and the WH, his internal polling is showing what all the public polls show, he's way behind, his October Surprise is a bomb because nobody believes somebody who has lied to the American people over 20,000 times in the last four years, and everybody saw that he was impeached for trying to do the same thing when he extorted Ukraine.

So there's no use throwing money at a lost cause. What's interesting is that Rick Wilson, who still has great contacts inside Dotard's campaign and in GOP world generally said that the campaign is so broke they've pulled down adds in almost all the battlegrounds to focus on FL and GA, but that they've also stopped paying their lawyers. In my experience, lawyers don't work for free. I understand the theory, that if he is declared the winner of FL, GA and TX on election night, he will declare victory, even though counting will continue for days after. He can then unleash the unpaid lawyers and the DOJ to try to seize uncounted ballots and run to court to have certain ballots declared invalid. I'm still hoping Joe can pull out a win in FL a state that Dotard has no possible map to victory without and will be finished counting on election night, but it's too close, those in the know say he needs to be up by five to win a tight race, and he's not.

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