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Have to got that gender studies degree paid for somehow...

#6 | POSTED BY BOAZ AT 2022-09-01 07:50 PM | REPLY

Two thoughts, moron, first, thousands of people who went to trade school also have outstanding federal student loans, and POTUS' action will help them as well. Second, idiot, sometimes the area of study matters less than the interactions, the contacts, and the work, the ability to demonstrate that you can set and achieve a goal.

I have a four-year degree in a completely unrelated field from what has become my career. Still, my education made me an excellent communicator, which means I've crushed oral boards for hiring and assessment centers for promotion through the years. I use the writing skills taught to me IN COLLEGE every day in my job. When I was doing backgrounds on applicants, somebody with a college degree always came across as more polished, more intelligent, better prepared, and better able to communicate. In my job, communication is EVERYTHING; we have to justify our actions daily to our own supervisors, our admin, prosecutors, and the courts; I don't care if your degree was in Gender Studies or Lesbian Dance; I get to see your writing skills, your speaking and presentation skills, and your ability to set and reach goals and that is a winning candidate every time.

So maybe STFU you homophobic POS, you are recycling talking points from the stupidest, most hateful scum to ever serve in Congress, I know it makes sense to you, but everyone else just feels sorry for you, poor, pitiful tool of a demented old seditious traitor.

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