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She is so good she was able to garner around 2% support as a presidential candidate, lol. Biden already has the land of the fruits and nuts wrapped up, you think he would have been smart enough to select someone that can carry a toss up state, but no. he is going to fail in a big way. Get ready for four more years.

#8 | Posted by Gtjr at 2020-08-12 07:53 PM | Reply | Flag:
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Funny, because after the announcement the Biden/Harris campaign enjoyed the best day of grassroots fundraising they've had since Biden announced.

I've watched some cable news over the past couple of days to find out what African American pundits and hosts are saying. I can say, it's unanimous, especially among the women that I've seen, this is a home run, and they are ENERGIZED! Joy Reid, who has her ear to the ground with black voters says that during the primary black women expressed a desire to vote for Kamala, but they didn't trust white voters to do the right thing regarding tossing Trump out on his fat orange arse, so they coalesced around Biden mostly because of his ties to President Obama, but also because they thought he had the best chance to win. Kamala joining the ticket gives them the best of both worlds, a chance to vote for Kamala and an acceptable old white man at the head of the ticket who makes squeamish mid-western white voters comfortable.

It's funny, it 2008 black voters didn't think that President Obama could win the presidency until he started converting white voters to his cause, then they jumped on board the Obama train. Black voters are smart and strategic. They see Drumpf as an existential threat to our democracy and to minority communities in particular, and they would voted for anybody with a "D" next to their name to get rid of Dementia Donnie. They chose VP Biden as the candidate with the best chance to beat him, and now Kamala is the cherry on top.

For those Dems still thinking this was a great choice, please explain how this great politician got crushed in the Presidential primaries and is, at best, the 5th most powerful politician in her own state. Joe never should have promised to deliver a black female because outside of Michelle Obama or Oprah, there is not one that actually adds to his campaign especially when people know Joe is unlikely to last 4 years.

#196 | Posted by BLKLivesMatter at 2020-08-11 07:50 PM | Reply | Flag:

First, you're an idiot! I have a lot more faith in black voters than you do. To AA males, Kanye is a joke, especially with his Drumpf butt kissing and his admission that his candidacy is intended to draw votes away from Biden. Kanye's music and products are purchased by white kids, not so much black people. Black voters realize what an existential threat Trump is to the republic, and in particular black folks, and they will vote accordingly. President Obama, who still has incredibly high poll numbers among the black community will be campaigning hard for Joe and Kamala, so don't worry, those black male voters will turn out and vote for the Dems.

Kamala struggled because it was a primary where name recognition and lane choice were key. VP Biden had the moderate lane sewn up out of the gate. He stumbled a little early which gave Pete some life, but once they hit SC and the black vote coalesced around Biden there was no room for any other candidate. Black people supported VP Biden because they saw him as the best chance to beat 45, which is job one for every Democratic voter. The left lane was swallowed up by Bernie. There were really only two paths, which is why the two politicians with the highest name recognition were the last two standing. The reason Kamala when hard after Joe was because she was trying to drive a wedge into his base and pull some away to her candidacy, it didn't happen.

He said his choice was somebody who could be POTUS on day one, that's Kamala Harris.

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