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It is up to the ststes.

#2 | POSTED BY SNIPER AT 2021-01-21 10:29 AM | FLAG:
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As always washing Dotard's balls until the end. Snippy you should rent yourself out to a golf course this summer, you might be able to earn some scratch and move out of your mother's basement.

The fact is that only the President of the United States can order the Defense Production Act, which should have been activated for PPE and testing supplies long ago. The fact that there STILL aren't N95 masks for everybody who wants a supply and testing for everybody who wants one is completely unacceptable! It should now be implemented for vaccine production as well.

The President is the only one who can order the US military, national guard and FEMA to set up field hospitals and vaccination sites. They can be staffed by locals, but should be overseen by the Feds.

The federal government is the only government entity that can legally run a deficit in order make sure enough resources are provided for vaccinations. The states and localities have seen their budgets hit hard by the Trump virus, and many are at risk of having to lay-off Firefighters, Police Officers and other essential workers.

There have already been several major communications breakdowns between Dotard's Regime and the locals regarding the number of vaccinations to expect and the number that are actually delivered. That has to stop, because that in itself is very wasteful. I know our county was expecting about 30k vaccinations, and had set up infrastructure for that. When they got 10% of the expected number, most of those sites had to be shut down. I know people who are desperate for their shot, and can't find out where they can get it. It's obvious the Drumpf Regime are a bunch of complete incompetents. Fortunately the Biden Administration is full of competent, experienced, intelligent people who will get the job done. Unfortunately we now see that the Regime was blocking them from learning that there was no distribution plan, which means President Biden's people have to come up with one from scratch, which takes some time, and could have been done over the past month had they known.

I heard Representative Jason Crow say that the majority of GOP Congresscriters are "paralyzed with fear" of physical harm from their base. He said that some of them actually cried and said they would support impeachment, but out of fear for the safety of their families they would vote against it. During the impeachment debate, some of these idiots on the house floor claimed that Dems were inflaming the mob, and that was bad. So don't do the right thing out of fear of the mob. That is why we call that mob of racist, toothless, knuckle-draggers who attempted the coup on 01/06 "Terrorists." The same is true for the GOP wimps who voted against ratifying the election, some of those wienies reportedly voted with Combover Quisling out of physical fear. They no longer fear the mean tweet, which was their former excuse for supporting the biggest loser in American political history, now they do so out of FEAR OF HIS CULT!

Terrorism uses the threat of physical violence to change political action due to fear. The terrorists were successful. Their violent insurrection changed political action. I've said this before, IF YOU ARE AFRAID OF PHYSICAL VIOLENCE FROM YOUR BASE MAYBE YOU SHOULD GET THE HELL OUT OF POLITICS! Hopefully, the Republicans in the Senate will have more stones than all but 10 of the Reps in the house.

Oh, and Humgiver, I have NEVER heard of a Democratic lawmaker voting out of fear of physical harm from the Democratic base, or even Antifa, so STFU with your inane both-sides Bullcrap! The Terrorists are Republicans, they have ALWAYS been Republicans (Church bombings, the assassination of doctors, bombing abortion clinics, the murder of police officers, attempt to kidnap a state governor, and now violent insurrection). The blood is obviously all-over the hands of Republicans over the years.

I work in Law Enforcement. I was concerned this past summer that I would be expected to respond to the George Floyd protests and do something (restrict somebody's right to peacefully protest) with which I disagreed. Fortunately, that never happened. The George Floyd event in our small city was peaceful, our department was proactive, we reached out to the organizers and helped with the planning, we provided traffic control and security and it went perfectly.

Somebody who knew of my progressive politics once asked me what I would do if I was expected to enforce a law that I disagreed with. I responded that I would use whatever discretion was granted to me, and if there was none, I would look for a different line of work. Over the past 20 years, I've worked with and happily debated many co-workers who were conservative. I have noticed a significant change with some of my coworkers and many former LE "friends" in the past four years, and especially the past year. They have become "radicalized" by Trumpism. Some have gone full Qanon. One of them, who is retired but is still a FB "friend," posted support for the Proud Boys over the summer and has posted support for the crazy Trumper woman killed at the Capitol. Others have been posting about how the election was stolen, how Trump has been the greatest POTUS ever and how he was robbed, and terrible Reichwing media lies about President and VP elect Biden and Harris. I wonder if that radicalization was why the Capitol police response, allowing fellow officers to be dragged into the crowd and beaten, one to death, was so much more restrained than what I would have expected to see.

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