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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

A famed forensic pathologist on Wednesday said that sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's body showed a number of signs of homicide despite a medical examiner ruling that Epstein had committed suicide. read more


Okay I have an honest question about these hearings. I didn't vote for trump and won't this time, so I hate how this will sound, but I am really curious about the answers:

1) is it okay for the President of the United States to ask for contingencies based upon the issuance of OUR money as aid?

2) is asking For investigations into possibly corrupt business practices involving American citizens, and firing corrupt prosecutors stonewalling said investigations, in America's best interest?

3) let's say Obama is still president and there is a guy, let's call him Grump, is running for president, and his son, let's call him Grump Junior, had been appointed in what appears to be in a corrupt way to a foreign business. Would it be okay for Obama to ask that an investigation be conducted before we turn over our money to the country?

4) is the act of running for president enough to shield you from investigation?


5) Do we as Americans not believe that every president every day asks for returns on its 100s of millions of dollars in aid? Is that not WHY we give that aid out? So that we can advance our own self interest at the same time we are helping those countries? I get it that the involvement of Biden's son murky's the water, but does it really mean that Biden's can't be investigated because they are running, and the president may benefit? You still can't release money without contingencies, and that's as pretty good one.

Honestly, if I am missing something about the investigation into Biden's son and he is as pure as the driven snow, and the request is a sham, I am open to hearing about it. But on its face the case seems to raise valid concerns that need to be addressed.

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