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I think it's obvious the GOP electorate is increasingly electing unhinged extremists into high office, so yes, they are going to act incompetently and even bizarrely. But rather than kneejerk reacting to the ever increasing number of GOP crazies we have in Congress now (Boebert, Taylor-Greene, Goemert, Rand P, Cruz, Hawley, etc), I am much more interested in the psychosis the overall GOP electorate seems to be in, where this group not only puts clearly unhinged people into Congress, but also just almost reelected Trump. The same electorate where 75 million! voted last November to reelect an overtly incompetent, corrupt, and sadistic racist, misogynist, sociopath, and sexual predator (to list just a few of his faults). How could these people be this mentally lost? Has the extreme right wing, fear/hate-mongering conspiracy nut media machine (Limbaugh, Fox, INFOWARS, etc) that predates Trump by decades, combined in more recent years with Trump's spew, finally taken its toll? Not to mention the evangelical churches putting Jesus in the back seat while Trump rides shotgun? Maybe the actual goal was to simply brainwash these people to vote against their own interests, but have they, intentionally or inadvertently, inflicted over time, some type of mental illness on these people on a mass scale? I am thinking that this is the case. If the Dems don't want to face Trump in 2024, this issue needs to be hit head on, somehow breaking at least some of these people out of their trance. Properly handling COVID is a good start but this can't be addressed in such a passive way, as you can see the lie machine is trying to give Trump the credit for the recent vaccine successes. After all, without his 75 million lemmings, Trump is nothing but a bag of wind.


Your site so free pass on the "goofy" insult. :)

First, in contrast to your assumption, I have no affinity nor delusions whatsoever regarding the "royals", as in my view their antiquated kind range from glorified dictatorships to the more benign Kardashian types like in the UK, all fame no talent, and having no real power to wield, justify their gilded lives by attending to "duties" of questionable importance, the last remnants of a lost empire. Now that that's cleared up:

My issue is what looks to me like an overt victimhood/cancel-culture hit job, esp the race card aspect. Why not name the name? Harry says he'll never do it, so why was this mentioned it in the first place? Because he leaves that door open for Meghan to do that deed of course. But timing is everything, and this has to be orchestrated in the most melodramatic and profitable way possible. This is pure leverage and manipulation.

So now we have a whodunnit! Can't tell you who it was who disparaged poor little Archie, oh no, not just yet. Guess you'll have to tune in next season! Drag out the story, all the while cashing in on the victimhood/cancel-culture merry go round! And why do I suspect Meghan is pulling the strings here? Elementary my dear Watson. Harry already had global fame and fortune and knew of nothing else since birth.
Meghan? Not so much. Only recently and vicariously. So who's the loser here? Harry stands to permanently damage relationships with his father, brother, sibling, and the rest, to be disowned. Not just to his family but also to the citizenry in his home country. Meghan? Not so much. She's already burned the bridges with her own family, so now she burning Harry's. And turning a buck and cementing her tabloid fame in the process.

Please let's just face the obvious. Markle, being a well-known narcissist, couldn't fathom her son having no path to the throne, her children always playing second fiddle to Kate's white brood. But don't play the game if you don't like the rules in a millennia old monarchy. It wasn't designed to be fair. But we don't like the rules so let's make it a r@ce thing. So she drags the poor hapless Ginger away from his family to the USA!! Of course Oprah loves it because she got to play the race card. And obviously the most despicable manipulation of all being the claim that one of the royal family made RACIST comments about their poor, poor little Archie. But of course we cannot name who that person was.. Because not saying who it was allows the ENTIRE royal FAMILY to be under suspicion. So nothing to be surprised about here. Megan is a manipulating gold digger and Harry is a Hapless twit. Two idiots who just threw the royal family under the bus but would be two nobodies without the notoriety of that exact family. No book or TV deals. What a scam. Always loving the victim, the USA is gleefully duped by these opportunists, but I suspect the UK folks will have a harsher reaction.

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