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GPS has always required some common sense to use and there have always been known mistakes in it, such as Death by GPS or the Japanese tourists who drove into the ocean following their GPS in Australia as only a couple of examples.

You need to know what sort of GPS/map to use according to what you are driving. Cars, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles, all have different layouts and this damage to covered bridges is a result of people not knowing how to use the technology.

I know it's of little reduction in the alarm over rising sea temps but there's one thing about hurricanes. When they come through, wherever they were on the ocean, that area has lowered surface sea temps where the hurricane fed off the warm water. This is one of the main reasons when you have hurricane season that usually the path of one hurricane does not overlay the path of another. Even with warmer water at depth, it usually takes a month or so for the temp to re-establish.

I've lived in the hurricane belt most of my life. Never wanted to be a coastal resident in part because of hurricanes, great place to visit at of time of your own choosing, not so great to be there when one comes through. Yet I find it alarming that we continue to allow those with money to build right down to the dunes on beaches. In part it's caused insurance rates to go through the roof if you live coastal and in some-places that are hurricane prone, you near can't get insurance anymore. In the process of building down to the water's edge, we've set ourselves up for yet more damage and tragedy.

Hurricanes are not going to go away. They and cyclones are a natural cycle of heat dissipation. It's been predicted that this change of surface temperature of the ocean will feed yet more extreme hurricanes. That the same alteration which the article touches on, will cause the deep Atlantic Current to cease to move heat north and cool water south. When it stops, the result in apparent temperature will make living in the northern latitudes all but impossible. Last time the Atlantic Current stopped, was when we had an ice age. Another ice age may well be in our future.

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