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I don't know how many are coming into Florida, since it's an peninsula. There can't be that many boats coming in.

Texas is a different animal when it comes to the illegals. I don't live all that far from the border. In the last week alone, in the small town I live in, there have been two high speed chases through the town. One crashed in the middle of down town, the other outside of town. They were chased 60 miles by the highway patrol. We've had them drop off the semi trailer full at a gas station and had them crash into homes and trees. It's an every week affair.

Our problem down here (besides the idiot governor) is that we are seeing 2 million a year come over the border. There aren't enough facilities to handle them. No where near enough. The major city, built a brand new processing facility. They opened and within two days had to tell border patrol not to send anymore for a while so they could clear the ones just brought in. There's not enough processing places, not enough housing, not enough food, not enough of anything to handle that volume of people. The federal government isn't sending near enough help to handle this mass of people.

Closer to the border, the ranchers there can't keep fences up. One guy hired a hand solely to fix fences. That's his job, 24/7. The rancher says he doesn't lock the outbuildings because he can't keep glass in the windows when he does. He has a gun in every room because he's scared to death that he'll be invaded in the night. He's sent his family away, so that they will be safe. This is just one ranch out of thousands along the border dealing with this invasion. He also estimated he needs to spend about $800,000 just to repair the damage done as they come through night after night.

High speed chases are a regular thing here. On the interstate or on back roads. You can get killed going to work by being hit in the rear end.

It's not a problem to you, unless it's on your doorstep.

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