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It's a betrayal of the Hippocratic oath.
#4 | Posted by ChiefTutMoses

There is a part of process of when there is not enough medical resources for all the patients. At that time they have to do what is known as triage.


At that point, it is who is most likely to survive, given treatment with the limited resources. They are put in a position of picking and choosing who will get attention first and who (if they are lucky enough) will get medical attention last, if at all.

This is everyone's business, these yoyo's that won't get a vaccine.

"The 11-month-old girl from COVID-19 was stable and one day was airlifted to a Texas hospital 150 miles away due to a shortage of pediatric beds in the Houston area."


"San Antonio leaders say the city ran out of ambulances for a brief period on Thursday as coronavirus-related 911 calls hit record levels."

https://www.kens5.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/satx-covid-ems-impact/273-dd27d559-dd3c-4218- 9c31-97e71d9e10b1

The loss of ambulance service means you could have an EMT on site with a heart attack patient that can't get to the hospital or a car wreck with seriously injured patient that can't be transported to the hospital, because all the ambulances are in use, waiting on the hospital to take the present patient in before it can be decontaminated for next use.

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