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Let's analyze Trump's speech, shall we?
Read through this thread at

He calls the Iranians "tourists."

He says their actions will not be "tolerided."

He refers to America's historic "accomplimenshays."


The Washington Post does a good job breaking down the arguments that Trump is so poorly attempting to articulate: www.washingtonpost.com

"In other words: Manufacturing wind turbines creates "fumes," which go into the atmosphere. We have only one atmosphere, shared by Germany, China and ourselves. So when they make wind turbines, it's putting those same "fumes" into the air that we breathe.

"This, of course, is exactly the problem with carbon dioxide emissions. When the United States or China or India emit greenhouse gases, they sit in the same atmosphere, spurring warming. That's why international agreements " like the Paris climate accord from which he started to withdraw the United States in 2017 " are aimed at lowering emissions across the planet. What Trump's claiming is that the bigger problem is these manufacturing "fumes," contrasting it unfavorably with the "carbon footprint."

"There are certainly often issues with any large-scale industrial production, and wind energy is no different. But it's awfully cynical to argue that purported air pollution from manufacturing wind turbines is more problematic than the warming that results from unchecked burning of fossil fuels. Even assuming there are dangerous fumes emitted from making wind turbines, the scale wouldn't compare to the international emissions of carbon dioxide and methane."

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