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Friday, September 01, 2023

There are now only two pediatric cardiologists who manage heart transplants in the state. read more

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Climate protesters used a barricade to block a Nevada highway, triggering a traffic jam on Native American land. The blockage was eventually cleared when a ranger used a patrol vehicle to run over the barricade. read more


So no bells, or is that superstition okay? #36 | Posted by Danforth

Not by me, it isn't.

These wackos need a taste of their own medicine. Like when the Christians became uncomfortable when the guy wanted equal time to lead a Satanic prayer at the high school football games. Maybe then they'll get the idea of why they should keep their religion to themselves.

There isn't even any legit reason for the call to prayer anymore. Get a digital watch at the dollar store and learn how to operate the alarm function.

You clowns are such ankle biters. #19 | Posted by BellRinger

Remember that time Trump mocked a disabled reporter?

Yeah, neither do I. Good thing the GOP would never elect him to the office of presidency after doing something so horrible.

Another view here.

That ground looks hot!

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