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I guess we'll see if my pessimism is unwarranted, in lieu of your optimism.

The Party quickly abandoned Howard Dean's 50 State strategy, which brought us an Obama presidency, and I think it's naive to think that Biden isn't listening to the Democratic Party consultants who have consistently promoted short-term and short-sighted strategies and tactics.

I think we're looking good in 2024, but I don't see the long-term strategy holding up, given that State and local politics has already been lost in so many places...and perhaps you haven't noticed the makeup of the Supreme Court, but he's made it clear that he's going to just let that situation persist.

It's not looking great that Democrats hold the Senate, although we'll likely overpower MAGA in the House this year...Biden will have a fascist SCOTUS and likely a Repubican Senate to contend with, and we all know how that affects judicial nominations moving forward.

The current zeitgeist is largely tied to the reaction to the Dobbs decision. While Biden and the Democratic Party are the beneficiaries of this issue, it is, IMO, not indicative of a change in the losing strategies that have plagued Democrats for the last 40 years or so. The Democratic establishment continues to play whack-a-mole while the Repubican establishment has played the long game. Watch out for hubris, PO1135809ism is a blip, we're still dealing with the long term problems of Nixon, Reagan and Bush the dumber.

One last thing: it's "Democratic," not "Democrat" leadership (this matters).

This gCaptain link is useful, if folks want to avoid a bunch of speculative nonsense.

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