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I'm not sure what the strategy is right now, but there are several possible tactics at play:

Voting on the limited scope articles is very specific - the public won't be able to follow too broad a scope, and the facts here are very clear. Investigations are ongoing, so whatever comes about in those will be added to the case.

The president and his staff have obstructed Congress and Justice. The DOJ is under an AG who is not faithfully executing his office, so they are sticking to the obstruction of Congress issue for now.

Many of us have been critical of Pelosi for delaying this for so long. We are now faced with a president who will appeal everything to the SCOTUS, delaying the process. The problem with waiting for the courts on everything is that POTUS is breaking the law right now, in real time.

Democrats don't have to forward articles of impeachment to the Senate. They can vote to impeach, and not refer it to the Senate. There are no rules around the timing of this, either. They could continue to add to the articles of impeachment. They could decide to censure the president instead.

Regardless, the GOP has gone all-in for Drumpf. Wagon's hitched, and as more and more of the truth comes out, it is not going to get any better for Repubicans. If you think any documents, recordings or fact witnesses under oath are going to exculpate him on this, you are a fool.

Nobody really knows how this is going to shake out. Sounds like there are a handful of Repubicans who are fine kicking him out of office, they just can't break ranks publicly. If you use the analogy of playoff sports, "That's why you play the game."


Gee, the WH is lying, the Repubican members on the committee are lying, the entirety of conservative media is lying and Drumpf supporters are only consuming a daily diet of Repubican lies...I wonder why that needle just keeps staying there...what could it be?

Again, everyone defending the president refuses to address the real issue. You complained about the process being partisan, when the House Democrats were merely following the rules established by Repubicans (who anticipated a HRC presidency, lol). You complained about a lack of transparency, ignoring the fact that Repubicans were invited to, and apparently frequently just didn't show up to, the closed-door depositions in the SCIF. You complained about not being able to call fact witnesses, despite Repubican fact witnesses being brought before the committee. You argued that Hunter and Joe Biden should be brought in as fact witnesses, despite neither of them being on the call in question. You complained that the hearings were unfair because Drumpf wasn't allowed to face his accusers, which doesn't happen at this point in the process, and then didn't blink an eye when POTUS refused to appear when invited to participate.

What you still have not done, however, is offer any definitive statements or evidence that challenges the facts. POTUS admitted to, provided documentation of and reiterated in a press conference solicitation of a foreign power (multiple foreign powers) to interfere in the 2020 election. He is a traitor. Anyone defending him is also a traitor.

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