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Those were impeachments? Wow. I must not have been paying attention in history class. Well, Whitewater led to the impeachment of Clinton, for something completely unrelated. I never said any of the other things were impeachments, but please continue to stuff straw into your argument.

*snark off* I didn't catch the snark. Ironically, all of the events that I mentioned happened long after I stopped taking classes in history. Keep going to class, you clearly need the help.

Gotta love the desperation and blind party allegiance non-sequiturs these hyperpartisans come up with Irony, again, lost on hyperpartisan trolls who fail to see how their retort bolsters my point. I'll help you out here: If HRC were president, the hyperpartisan Republicans would have started impeachment on day 1. Like, delivered subpoenas to her as she stepped off the podium after taking her oath. All of the investigations I mentioned were actual investigations that have happened - some of them led by the current POTUS's hand-picked investigators. Some of them were carried out by the last Republican Congress. An important thing to note is, yes, none of them resulted in impeachment (aside from Whitewater). In fact, I mentioned that in some of the cases, the defendant was exonerated. So, while we're talking about it now, the current investigations into the president HAVE resulted in impeachment. Despite unprecedented obstruction of the investigation, refusal to allow witnesses to testify, refusal to release documents...all of which will come out over time. The idea that continuing this investigation, when every time a new fact comes to light it makes the case against the president exponentially worse, is a fool's errand is laughable. Republicans are still chanting "lock her up" at rallies, even though every single investigation into her has come up empty. On the other hand, Drumpf has actively tried to prevent the truth from coming to light, because the truth is, he's guilty. Nobody who has evidence that they "did nothing wrong" refuses to come forward with the evidence. The fools in this case are anyone who believes Drumpf. Quite a lot of them here on the DR.

Jeff's right whether you like it or not. Even a hyperpartisan should understand that. If you don't, well, chalk it up to yet another reason why Democrats are perpetually clutching defeat from the jaws of victory. Meh, he has an opinion. His opinions have frequently proven to be wrong. It's really less about him being right, and more about trying to save face and present Democrats in a bad light. The time to join patriotic Americans in protecting our Republic has already passed...now it's going to be a perpetual effort to justify being a traitor. Not-liberals are incapable of accepting when they're wrong, I don't expect any of you to start now.

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