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You are crying into your corn flakes because people you don't like might not be censored any more. Your "fascist coup attempt" is a red herring. You and lefties like you want ALL people who are right of center to be silenced on all public platforms. That is why we are hearing so much crying from the left over this.

The stupid in this comment burns!

What the DR fascists consider to be free speech (and they seem to think all liberals wish to censor speech "that they don't like" - oh, the limitless projection of you tools) is the ability to freely post bigotry, hate and lies without consequences. When someone gets banned from a platform for their hate speech, incitement and general menace to society, that's a consequence. Right wingers are not interested in consequences, they want to be free to throw their monkey poo wherever and whenever they wish.

I don't know, SPEAKS has been pretty consistent in calling out the fascist coup attempt as the thing it is. If you consider it to be a red herring, what is it distracting us from, exactly? Pretty much anyone who has access to news sources not filtered by Putin or Rupert Murdoch, have a pretty clear picture of what happened on January 6th, and if you don't, you're obviously cool with it.

We don't want people to be silenced. We wouldn't mind it if you would just shut up once in a while. You know, take a break from barking into the void about all your wingnut conspiracy theories and such. Your team is the team that thought Bill O'Lielly was awesome because he shut peoples' mics off when they were landing good points backed by facts. There are several failed, right wing, social media platforms out there. Just because your team lacks the social skills necessary to engage the rest of society doesn't mean you're being censored. People just don't like you and choose not to engage you. When you start to threaten violence, you get stopped. That's not censorship, that's just something about society that sociopaths can't understand.

I haven't read any "crying from the left" over this topic. What are you talking about? Plenty of folks have different takes on what it means, but when it comes to crying? There's that projection again...

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