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"Everyone already knows that the firing of Shokin was the official US policy from the State Department, White House, IMF, and our European allies

European allies you say?

Despite Biden's claim, Europeans WEREN'T trying to oust Ukraine prosecutor targeting Hunter's firm

As for US policy:
"U.S. government memos obtained by Just the News via Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, appear to directly conflict with the widely propagated narrative that then-Vice President Biden was acting in accordance with U.S. policy in December 2015 when he threatened to withhold a $1 billion loan guarantee to Ukraine if Shokin, who was the equivalent of the U.S. attorney general, was not fired.

"Ukraine has made sufficient progress on its reform agenda to justify a third guarantee," reads a document dated October 1, 2015 that summarized the recommendation of the Interagency Policy Committee (IPC). The task force was created to advise the Obama administration on how well Ukraine was doing in its efforts to tamp down on corruption.

Additionally, memos show senior officials at the State Department sent Shokin a personal note saying they were "impressed" with his work and were in the process of scheduling a January 2016 strategy session in Washington, DC, with his staff. "

You are full of ---- like the rest of the Libs it seems.

"Owner" is enough to control directions and decisions."

Here -------, hope this helps: "Shares represent units of ownership in a corporation or financial asset owned by investors who exchange capital in return for these units."

"Clearly, this lawsuit proves just the opposite.

Clearly, you yet again have no clue what you are talking about. They are suing BECAUSE THEY LOST MONEY BY OWNING FOX. Literally, how dumb are you?

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