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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

U.S. President Joe Biden pledged to forcefully defend Ukraine against Russia's invasion at the NATO summit in Washington on Tuesday ... read more


"Colleges in California have a lot of foreign students, these students are who will replace American workers in the future, because they're smarter and work harder."

There is ~1M international students at US universities - the number are high because they tend to pay full price tuition and the universities view this is a business AND NOT with the goal of actually educating Americans. A vast majority of these students will not quality for residency in the US post graduation and will go back to their home countries. The ones that do stay will have more or less adopted American values and demand wages roughly equivalent to native born Americans.

"That's the great replacement."

1M students, the vast majority of which will leave the country? Nope! The great replacement is coming from south of the border and is 100% encouraged by the Democrat party as witnessed in their current fight to make it easier for illegals to vote in US elections. These immigrants make up ~30M people currently in the US and they by and large DO NOT adopt American values.

"Keep fighting education.

The GOP is fighting FOR education. The Dems are fighting for 'the university industry'. And yes, there is a difference. While the Democrat goal is to get as many people paying for college is possible with that being the only goal - the GOP is fighting for a better quality of education as well as alternatives to the university industry by encouraging education in the trades.

The result of 40 years of total Democrat control of US education is that US college graduates are dumber than college graduates in just about any other country. I can 100% guarantee you that an average college graduate from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, and even Canada would blow the doors off the average US college graduate in any testing that focused on core skills and not just repeating woke nonsense.

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