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Goodbye, Donald Trump, worst president in our nation's history.
Goodbye, illegal-immigrant-who-slept-her-way-to-an-Einstein-visa wife.
Goodbye, grifter children who profited millions and millions from hotels and payola and speeches and PAC money that will neverbe spent on anything but the Trump family.
Goodbye, Stephen Miller, the most evil adviser of many bad advisers in WH history.
Goodbye, WH press secretaries, who either lied constantly on camera or (in Grisham's case) did absolutely nothing.
Goodbye, most incompetent and unqualified cabinet in US history.
Goodbye, Robot Yes-man VP Pence.
Goodbye, lying hacks of WH physicians and Trump doctors who allowed themselves ot be used for naked financial or political gain.
Goodbye, craven sycophant staffers who will shortly claim they stayed on to help temper Dotard's worst impulses.
Goodbye, obviously unqualified mega-donor Consulate staff and Ambassadors, who helped alienate our allies and please our enemies.
Goodbye, gaudy Oval Office curtains and useless Rose garden and outrageously wasteful tennis courts.
Goodbye, "alternative facts" and fake data and governing-by-division of the citizenry.
Goodbye, ignoring of ther COVID pandemic and the 400,000 dead and the hundreds of thousands more with permanent disabilities.
Goodbye, useless vanity project Wall with hundreds of children kept as grisly souvenirs, most probably permanently emotionally damaged by now.
Goodbye, "leadership" by insult and threats
Goodbye, Administration-by-trolling

History will shortly have you in the books as the worst, the most divisive, the most grifting and criminal administration in our history.
Soon, a few senators and Congresspeople will join you, as they should.

Drudge Retort

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