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More rightwing----------- fantasies by
guys who'd rather Cosplay that they are
in the military (militias, Civil War
reinactors) than actually join the real one.

Just like the right's supposed ownership on
patriotism. Wearing Tricorner hats and Patriot
garb, tying yellow ribbons around trees, and
waving Trump flags and Confederate flags
everywhere. Posers. Readers of fantasy diatribes and fiction.

Real patriotism is getting up at 3:30 a.m.
every workday in WV, and commuting by car and train 2hrs into DC and work, working an 8.5 hr shift, then commuting 2hrs back out to your WV home. And then doing that all year, with little to no thanks from anyone, all in quiet service to your country. A service which is now going on 19 years.

And I know others that commute from PA, and even farther, that do more, that protect this country with life, limb, and badge. Every day! Without thanks! Without public recognition!

The common citizen can't even comprehend either their fortune or the dedication that is shown by the simple people that serve, protect, and guard this country, unsung, day after day, for whole lifetimes and careers, on both the military and civilian side. If they did many of them would be ashamed of how they talk about and treat some of the finest human beings I've ever had the privilege to know. THOSE are the True Patriots of this country! The unsung millions who willingly and gladly serve this country, every damned day...without accolades, without publicity, simply for the love of this nation.

Beware the braggarts in life, for they are almost always false. Its the quiet soldier in the corner of the bar, sitting alone, that's who you need to buy the drink for...

I'm out!

Drudge Retort

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