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in response to #1...Tony.

Yeah, most of us see it. The better question is what the hell are we
supposed to do about it? When you have one Party (the GOP), that is actively
wanting to cheat, lie, do anything they have to, to win, what CAN a nation do?

You can protest, sure. But if it's falling on the deaf ears of a party that has
already decided on Fascism and Party Loyalty over Democracy, I don't know what
good it will really do.

What we really need is either a Judicial System or the Military to intervene,
and neither will (apparently) be coming to the rescue. Barring that, there is
Congress (see problem No. 1 above) [the GOP doesn't care].

I would love to find a way out (somebody! show me a way around this!), but I
sadly think that the Great Experiment may be close to over. I've already
considered this point, and have plans to get the hell out of the country
(upon retirement) if it slides any further to the Reich...(yes I spelled that right).

I've also warned my son. And am fine with him going off to Canada or to Europe upon
graduation (if America fails).

Seriously, I would love to find a solution. I love my country (well, the non-ignorant
parts anyways), and have served her for 20 yrs plus as a Fed. But the more I see
the news, and the more I hear and read the rhetoric, it looks more and more like we
are headed for a nasty divorce. And I ask those on the right, will that truly be
worth it? (fyi...if you answer yes to this, you are an idiot, and clearly have not
thought out the ramifications of your fanciful wish fulfillment.)

All you need to know about religion you can find here...


In 10 minutes (and change) George Carlin utterly destroys the arguments for Christianity
and religion...

It's all a hoax folks! A ploy to get at your
money and to control the way you think...and

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