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Monday, November 27, 2023

Paul Waldman: There is a strong disconnect between what the numbers on the economy say, and what the people say. Specifically, what GOP voters say. read more


True, we are seeing more of 'something' helium rat.

The question is what? Probes, spy satellites, our own black op satellites and devices? Eighty five to ninety percent of all of these sightings generally have more mundane explanations. A full ten percent, or so, do not.

Just because we are seeing flying things we have no explanation for, certainly doesn't conclude they are extra-solar in origin.

Occam's Razor. The simplest explanation, all things considered, tends to be the correct one. So spy satellite/military device of earthly origin, or an
E.T. craft from halfway across the galaxy? I think this would rule out at least 50% of the remaining 10% of unknowns. Now we are left with 5% truly unexplained.

I once saw a brilliant youtube video of a scientist who took a detailed look at some of that naval fighter pilot video of the tic tac craft zipping along below it, and he was able to show how it was likely a 'forced perspective error', due to the plane's high speed, the angle the craft was above the object, and the movement of the waters below the object that likely made it seem the tic tac like object look like it was going several times faster than it actually was.

Unfortunately, I've not been able to find that video again on Youtube, though I've looked several times.

Is other life out there?. Almost certainly. But 99% of E.T. life will be non-intelligent (microbes to animals).

There could be intelligent life out there, I have little doubt also. But why in the hell would they want to come here? I can only think of a few plausible possibilities that make any logical sense.

As a geologist by academic training, its been my experience that two of the most misunderstood concepts by most people are the concepts of 'deep time' (time on a cosmological scale), and 'galactic scale'.

Galactic Scale:

Imagine for instance the following symbology:

' ( * ).

where ' = Voyager I
* = the Sun
() = the heliopause
and . = Voyager II

(For those who dont know, Voyager I and Voyager II are the furthest man-made objects from the Earth/Sun)

Now think in your head (without looking it up on your phone or on Google) given the above diagram, how far away would Proxima Centauri (the nearest star to the sun) be?

Look at the diagram again. Stare at it again and think. Is it on the other side of your bedroom? The furthest outside wall to your house? Maybe a block or two away?

How far away would Proxima Centauri be?

You'd be wrong with any of the above guesses.

Now set your phone on your bed, and leave it there, get in your car and drive across town. You'd have to drive 8 miles from the little * on your phone and then place a ( . ) on the nearest sidewalk, and that period would represent Proxima Centauri, the nearest star to earth.

Much the same, our radio waves have had a little over 100 years traveling through the vacuum of space at the speed of light. So there is a bubble roughly 100 or so light years across and expanding, that represents the furthest our transmissions have traveled since the birth of radio transmissions on earth. But the Milky Way galaxy is conservatively estimated to be 100,000 light years across. So you can see the problem. If the sum of our radio trasmissions were the size of a single basketball, the Milky Way would be the entire Boston Garden (go Celtics!), or probably even larger.

So why would you have expected your signal to have reached anybody of consequence yet?

And time greatly complicates even those miniscule odds.

Deep Time: the universe is at least 13.8 billion years old.

The largest problem most Ufo-ologists have is they don't understand 'deep time'. They assume that everybody is alive at the same time in the Milky Way or the Universe, when clearly the opposite rings true. From earth's own geologic past we know that 99.9% of all the life to ever live on earth, has already gone extinct (and the way we are going, we are likely not too far from it ourselves).

So why wouldn't we apply those same odds to the rest of the Milky Way, and indeed the Universe?

If 99% of all life to have ever have lived in the Universe is already extinct, then the Universe is not so much a large zoo, as it is a large cemetary...

If this sort of speculation interests you, one of the best books I've ever read on the topic, was a book written, oh, 20 or so years ago, called 'Rare Earth', by Ward & Brownlee (I believe). They did one of the deepest dives I've ever seen into examining the Drake Equation and the possibilities for intelligent life, but with a more modern understanding of biology, cosmology, and geology. Great book...

I think the obvious, that BBQ pointed out above IS true...but it is important to look at how both parties interpret this...

"The reason most see the economy as terrible, is because of inequity." -BBQ, post #3

I would easily agree to the truth of this statement, but what I believe is important
is how both parties approach this unfortunate fact.

The Democrats I know (including myself) admit that the disparity is bad, admit that the
economy is both unfair, and seemingly getting more so. Most have either adapted, or tried
to supplement their income w extra gig jobs, retraining, reschooling, etc... In other words,
they have taken an unfortunate situation, and tried to make positive changes to try to adapt.
Not a perfect solution to a rotten situation, but positive, in that they are attempting to take
control and remedy the situation, or to at least mitigate or alleviate it to some degree.

The Republicans I know (which are 95% of the people I know in West Virginia) are angry (and rightfully so),
but look to place blame in ALL the wrong places. They want to blame Biden (stats show Biden has taken a
terrible economy and situation ala COVID) and helped to mitigate the worst of it, and has started to
improve the economy. Keep in mind, most of the cost of living comes from CEO's and corporate heads,
not the President and his policies. Then the Republicans want to blame minorities. An easy target,
and a tried and true deflection from the right. Stoke the hatred of minorities to divert attention from
those CEO's (most of which are GOP) from raising the rates on everyday goods across the board. And at least
in WV, only account for like 2% of the total population (i.e. there are not enough minorities in WV to worry
about white people!). And then they have the cult-like obsession with a Savior Figure, which is what I would
argue Trump is to them. They think he can SAVE them from their predicament. Even if he DID care, which he
clearly does not (aside from getting their votes), he could not convince the CEO's of this nation not to gouge
everyday Americans (precisely because he is one of them, or seeks to be one of the billionaires who gouge the
regular people for the maximum profit). So once again, the non-rich GOP are not taking positive steps to
remedy their personal situations (and they are truly the only one's who can change their own fate), but instead
they are playing the victim, and hoping for a Savior, all the while lashing out at those around them (minorities, democrats)
that have little to nothing to do with their economic position in life.

To which I would give the following advice (which I have repeatedly given to my own college aged son). "Put on your
'Big Boy diapers son, and stop whining'. Only you, and you alone, can make yourself successful. You think it was easy
for me? I got a first college degree, it did not work out. I worked for my dad's union, until he told me to leave,
because he saw unions collapsing. I went back to college and got a 2nd degree. The rest was all heads down and hard work.
Every day, whether I wanted to work or not. That is LIFE! It's not fair. No one owes you squat! It doesn't always
reward people who deserve it. Only hard work, and continuous effort will get you anywhere..."

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