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Saturday, September 18, 2021

A Texas doctor has revealed that he recently performed an abortion in violation of the state's new controversial law that prohibits nearly all abortions after roughly six weeks into a pregnancy, arguing that he "had a duty of care to this patient." read more


Thank you for your definition of treason. Here is the real one:

Yes, one from some dictionary which is irrelevant when considering whether the crime of Treason has been committed.

The real ones:

18 U.S. Code 2381 - Treason www.law.cornell.edu

Article III Section 3 www.law.cornell.edu

Courts that have had occasion to opine on "enemy" conclude it requires a shooting war.

Condescension comes from fighting this battle with the perpetually ignorant for years.

Does the first amendment allow hostile nations to make propaganda films filled with lies and buy airtime on american airwaves?

Short answer, it depends.

First and foremost, the First Amendment is a restraint on government to regulate the content of speech no matter the speaker. takecareblog.com

Second, it depends on what the foreigner says. Simplistically, the foreigner can speak to issues but not campaigns or candidates. www.fec.gov

If a domestic concern can engage in propaganda regarding a given issue so too, it seems, can hostile nations.

However, Citizens United gave person status to corporations ...

No, it did not. The "Dictionary Act" did that by statute. www.law.cornell.edu

It's history dates to 1871. www.linkedin.com

The Supreme Court's reference to corporations as persons dates as far back as 1819. en.wikipedia.org

Citizen United said nothing on the subject of corporate personhood.

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