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In summary, biolabs do exist in the Ukraine; weapons biolabs do not exist. The US has funded biolabe; the US has not funded weapons biolabs. Even non-weapon biolabs have very dangerous pathogens and these need to be safeguarded against Russian attack or misuse.

This ought to be easy to understand but right wingers, led by disingenuous manipulators like Carlson and seriously disaffected Bernie Bros and their like, have decided that they are in legitimate " the enemy of my enemy is my friend " territory. Mindlessly attacking Biden and the US government on this basis for political or financial gain may not be treason ( and calling it such allows the accused to adopt a victimhood status they do not deserve ), but it is a sign of a deeply flawed and corrupt ideology that needs to be called out using appropriate language.

There is no legitimate reason for Russia's invasion of Ukraine. All of the deaths, Russian and Ukrainian, are the responsibility of Putin and the world needs to keep a laser sharp focus on this fact. If you find yourself seeking to deflect that focus, no matter how you rationalize it, you are on the wrong side of history.

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