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Recent reports indicate that there are 7.6m employment opportunities available in the US and only 6.5m job seekers:


Are these 6.5m unemployed because illegal immigrant took a job?

Further, the estimate of illegal immigrants employed in the US workforce is 7.6m:


If the US successfully removed all illegal immigrant workers, there would be 15.2m job openings and 6.5m job seekers to fill them. I don't doubt wages would rise, but it's anyone's guess what the negative impact of 8.7m jobs without workers would be.

The recent events in Mississippi provide a current example - following the ICE raids, Koch Foods lost 243 workers and held a job fair which attracted roughly 150 potential employees - a shortfall of 93:


What the US needs is not to persecute illegals for working, but to introduce a system that allows those who are needed - and there are clearly millions - to do so legally. I won't hold my breath - the US is the only country on the planet which rivals my own for self-destructive stupidity.

Republican statement on mass shootings : "We have sadly seen violence from ideological extremists on both sides and that is completely unacceptable and must be condemned,"

Anyone care to point out who in the Greatest Generation would disagree with those points?


The whole " both sides " argument is simply an extension of Trump's " good people on both sides" position.

It is a false equivalency to suggest that both left and right extremists are equally responsible for mass shootings. From the article:

" The GOP's response to elevate incidents of "violence on the left" clashes with a well-documented rise in hate crimes and white nationalism on the far-right."

" Extremist-related murders have spiked in the last year, according to the Anti-Defamation League, and the vast majority " 73 percent " are committed by right-wing extremists and white supremacists. Not a single extremist-related murder in the United States last year was carried out by "the left.""

"FBI Director Christopher Wray recently told Congress "a majority of the domestic terrorism cases we've investigated are motivated by some version of what you might call white supremacist violence.""

So to answer your question, assuming the " Greatest Generation" were interested in understanding the whole issue and not the partisan version of the issue, the whole generation would agree that violence from any source is wrong and that ideologically driven violence suffered by the US today can be attributed primarily to extreme right wing/white supremacist views.

Why would you support a party on this issue which, in it's own self-interest, adopts a policy of deliberately misleading the electorate on a matter of such nationally emotional importance?

"104 yesterday in San Antonio. A typical August day,

#1 | POSTED BY GOATMAN AT 2019-08-12 10:18 PM | REPLY | FLAG"

Interesting because according to this site the average high for San Antonio in August is 94.7F


There will of course be hotter and cooler days - it is after all an average - but 104F is not " a typical August day."

Just thought you'd like to know.

#16 - There have been 12 mass shootings in Trump's first 2.5 years in office: link


If you are going to throw in the 24 ( I'm taking your number for this ) in Obama's 8 years in office, it would only be fair to extrapolate Trumps's figure for an 8 year period, which would be just over 38. Alternatively, Obama averaged 7.5 per 2.5 year period.

Either way, they is certainly one statistic where Trump can genuinely claim to be beating Obama.

Boris Johnson is a charmer - private preparatory school, Eton, Balliol Oxford - he has the pedigree.

He is also an absolute waste of space who has zero chance of delivering on any of the promises he has made to become PM. His sole objective was to achieve his life long ambition. He can tick that box and move on, leaving disaster in his wake, as is his want.

The kind of no deal Brexit Johnson is threatening will not make the UK stronger; it will leave the UK without allies or friends, forced to accept trade terms which are inferior to those which would have applied as part of the EU trade block. This should be obvious to anyone who understands that a country of 66m people does not wield the same influence as a union of 500m people, unless you are naive enough to somehow think the UK is special - and if the last 3 years of total political chaos and ineptitude have not convinced you that the UK is anything but special, you have not been paying attention.

A no deal Brexit will break up the union; Scotland will be gone asap and N. Ireland will be absorbed more slowly over time. But Boris will have PM on his resume, so that's alright then.

And for those of you who might be under the misapprehension that somehow Johnson was democratically elected, there was of course no general election. Rather his appointment was voted on by members of the Conservative party ( not even by Conservative MP's), some 93,000 old, affluent, white mid-class people who in no way represent the diversity of the 66m UK population, decided Boris was the man to further their dreams of old empire and colonial glory. He'll let them down of course - they will just have to learn to live with disappointment like the rest of us.

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