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I don't vouch for the content of the attached link but it has a slightly different viewpoint to most I've seen expressed:


My view is that the problem with this is not that it is fake news, but that it is not fake news.

"This foreshadows Trump's reelection

#18 | POSTED BY BRUCEBANNER AT 2019-12-13 11:51 AM | REPLY | FLAG:"

Not necessarily.

Trump may well win re-election, but to read a huge shift to right into the UK election results is to mis-understand the central and only issue - Brexit.

Corbyn is a complete waste of space; he's a throwback to cloth cap, socialist labour and unpopular. He is hampered by a lifetime of political baggage, accumulated quietly because he never achieved anything until he and the Momentum group carried out a coup within the Labour Party. He led a Labour campaign which emphasized issues that the party leadership thought the electorate should care about ( they didn't ) and ignored Brexit, refusing to take a stance because adopting a remain platform was difficult for him given that he is a lifelong opponent of the EU.

There are 2 mining constituencies in NE England that have returned Labour MP's since they were constituted. This election they returned strong leave Tories. If you think the underlying political attitude of these miners has changed, you are wonderfully naive. Brexit counted more than party affiliation but wait until the next election and see how they vote.

This election was comparable to the last US election in one way. If you accept Brexit as the central issue in play, then the Conservatives, being the party of leave, won the equivalent of the electoral college vote. The remain parties, Labour, LibDem and Scottish Nationalists won the popular vote, between them polling around 1.2m more votes than the Tories but obtaining 90+ fewer seats in Parliament.

"London has a higher murder rate that NYC

#6 | POSTED BY HELIUMRAT AT 2019-12-12 05:18 AM | FLAG: "


London murders in 2019 to date - 133 - link:


NY murders in 2019 to date - 298 - link:


Both cities have roughly the same populations - London 9.1m, NY 8.6m - so murder rate in NY is double London's.

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