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Saturday, May 09, 2020

U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, who is also the chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, was captured ordering a local party official to report false election results in a primary race for a state Senate seat in a leaked audio recording released earlier this week. read more


"... I was raised in this worldview. Millions of Americans were. It's a white identity faith and it teaches followers that America is God's chosen nation and that it is endangered by satanic conspiracies between the Devil, minorities, and American traitors.

The split in religion happened in the Civil Rights Era, when Jerry Falwell and Southern preachers embraced Confederate Christianity that held white supremacy as God's will. It was in response to MLK's protests and it made the faith explicitly racist.

In the 1980's Falwell and other Neo-Confederate preachers joined with Ronald Reagan, who believed in apocalypticism instead of Christianity. This led to an America where the Satanic Panic and supernatural conspiracies were treated as reality.

Since then, Cult of the Shining City members have been taught that America, as God's chosen nation and champion, can only be harmed by Satan and people manipulated by Satan, including minorities and liberal traitors. They believe this, wholeheartedly.

When politicians talks about evil liberals, they're referencing the idea that liberals are in league with Satan in the New World Order conspiracy. They truly believe people like Obama and the Clintons are satanically evil and have to be stopped lest Satan will prevail.

The Deep State is just the New World Order with a new paint job. They're framing America as if it is the battleground for war between God and Satan, and believe they have to destroy Democrats and liberals to prepare for the End Times.

The Cult of the Shining City worships power and wealth as symbol's of both white supremacy and God's favor. Trump is their messiah and he talks to them through his surface-level religious utterances and phrases like "enemy of the people."

Trump standing in front of a burnt church among a riot with a bible was a message that he is their warrior and that they are entering a Holy War.

It's hinting at an End Times battle, and it'll doubtlessly escalate tensions and possibly lead to violence."

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