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Well, considering the reality of the situation, covid in FL has waned significantly without any statewide mandates. It's funny to watch Liberals ignore science and math when they don't like it but it's also sad to see Liberals hurting our country because of their penchant to ignore what doesn't fit their narrative.

And the saddest part is I'm just reporting what has happened in the real world and yet most of you will come on here and do the typical Liberal "if I don't like it I'll resort to namecalling" thing instead of accepting it. It doesn't mean you are wrong in everything. It just means that a solution was found that you didn't create. Don't take it as a personal attack and feel you have to hide in a safe space. Dems get plenty of wins. So do Reps. And both sides get plenty of head-scratching losses.

But the point that is completely undeniable is that FL covid numbers dropped because the people made it drop, not the government. And that's all the Reps want, for people to be free to handle problems on their own without the government taking away their freedoms. Whether that is good or bad, that's up to each person. But to argue the entire situation like your opinions are the only ones that matter and we will never get through something bad without doing exactly what the Liberals (or any party) wants has just been proven 100% wrong. It doesn't mean you can't keep trying. It doesn't mean

"I wonder if they'll do away with car seat requirements next. And then there's those pesky seat belt laws. Why stop there, lets do away with speed limits and the minimum drinking age. After all, each one of these laws are an infringement of an individual's freedom to do what they damn well please."

Only Liberals these days would equate requiring people to present cards and show they are wearing a symbol like a mask to do anything, to a seatbelt mandate that doesn't actually remove protected freedoms that all men and women should get. Seatbelts aren't an inherent right of being a person, being able to travel to wherever you want to get food, water, and shelter is, within reason. Sure there are general exceptions like places people shouldn't be to maintain national security and such like that, but seatbelts don't stop anyone from going to the store to get life needs...mandating that people can't go to the store without doing what the government says do stop people.

Again, whether or not those freedoms are important to keep from the government is up to each party. But you HAVE to at least accept that a big portion of the country does feel that way and that the more power you want to give the government to address these needs based on a less than 1% chance of dying from something can easily be a concern to a lot of people. It's worth debating. It's worth both sides coming together to discuss and find ways forward. But neither side is doing that. And since it is the Liberals in this case that are the ones trying to attack freedoms, they are the ones who need to set the precedent for compromise. But again, don't let that statement make you run to a safe space. There are things Reps do that require them to be the bigger person and they aren't. The biggest point here is that just because others have a problem with something that you don't, doesn't mean you can oppress them. It is no different than Reps not caring about gender assignment or Reps not caring about women's bodies.

It's no surprise that information that conflicts with the Liberal agenda is then called lying on DR. DR Libs even claim that Liberal fact checkers are lying if they present information that doesn't fit the Liberal agenda.

So they never prosecuted Trump for collusion. Never found evidence of it. They couldn't present any truthful support evidence. The lawyer in this discussion is proven to have lied. And the list of evidence that supports the fact that Trump did not collude grows and is all out there for any of you to read. But because it goes against what you guys want to believe then it means I'm lying. Here's a tip...I'm only giving you guys information that is out there already. I didn't come up with it. I didn't have anything to do with it. But it obviously makes you kids mad that your opinion and false accusations weren't correct so you have to call me names instead of actually accepting the evidence in front of you.

Was there collusion? Possibly. It's happened before in politics and both sides have accused the other multiple times of this in the past. They never said Trump was innocent but said they can't find him guilty.

"Wait, the guy(Trump) has been head ------ the country since 2015, and this 'Humtake' character is asking me to be humble when discussing him while he ('Humtake') attempts to head --- me?"

I know, I know...asking Libs to actually research and look at reality and facts instead of accepting every headline they read that they agree with is considered head ------- to Liberals. I get it, they make that very clear every day. But no matter how hard it is for Liberals to accept, it still is the basis of our laws. Dems have no problems when the facts support demonizing Reps for their wrongdoings but it is impossible for Dems to do the same in the other direction. When a Rep is confronted, he/she tries to change the subject or says they don't want to talk about it. When a Dem is confronted, they call you a liar, racist, etc. and do everything they can to target the messenger instead of the message. Politics 101 kids. Until you learn to accept it and try to hold your own party accountable, there is no way ever you will be able to hold the other party accountable. That's just the way it is.

Did they know they were as baseless as Hillary's campaign when they tried to get everyone to believe the big lie about Russia collusion?


Obviously a rhetorical question as we know a partisan Liberal will never, ever admit they were wrong or believed something that wasn't 100% or true or wasn't hypocritical. However, now that we have proof of 1) Hillary backing and engaging in lawsuits about losing the 2016 election claiming fraud and 2) Hillary's campaign witch hunt over Russia collusion was 100% fabricated...it only stands to reason and sound logic and Dems FINALLY apologize. If they want Trump's stupid base to apologize and admit they went overboard, one can only expect that behavior from the other side when it is relevant...and it is extremely relevant right now.

I know, DR Libs are going to immediately admonish this rhetoric and find ways to explain why Hillary and Dems were not wrong in any way and they are 100% trustworthy. We know this because Libs have a very hard time accepting the truth even when it is proven by people on their side. Nevertheless, it is relevant. And the cited article has some bias in it, no doubt. But don't let the bias distract you from the truth, just like you don't like when bias distracts Cons from accepting the truth.

In other words, if you want other people to practice humility, it will never happen if you yourself will not show any signs of humility. That's human nature. You can ignore it or say it doesn't matter all you want, but saying something doesn't make it true (no matter how hard extremists on both sides want it to be true).

"This one's deadly enough, and with serious physical damage possible if you don't die.
Is that a good enough reason for morons to go unmasked/unvaxxed? No."

So what is your measure? How is it backed up that your opinion of "deadly enough" is the same as everyone elses...and is any more or less relevant? The problem isn't your opinion, the problem is you resort to name calling because others don't hold the same opinion as you. I've been saying all along that we need baselines before we react. We need hard numbers of what does the country agree is "deadly enough". Is it .5%? Is it 2%? Is it 10%? And then what are the right actions to take at each given baseline. Like, at .5% we mandate x. At 2% we mandate y. Etc. And don't forget age groups, as science already dictates that events like these are natural and viruses regularly attack the elderly...kind of like wildfires are natural and destroyed much larger areas than they do today in the past which spawned new growth. It sucks, sure. We should use our heightened intelligences to make it better, sure. But to call people morons because they don't agree with your opinion just turns us back into monkeys.

Without those baselines, all we have are people like you who think their opinion is better than everyone else's, to the point you feel you have use hateful words to try to cover up your insecurity. Add to that the fact that you guys are making it sound like the entire country is dying when it is clearly not; some of you would do well to actually research instead of just reading headlines. That being said, I don't agree or disagree with your opinion. It is only common sense to understand that a group of people holding one opinion and wanting to remove the freedoms of other groups of people who don't agree with them is 100% wrong and something the world has been fighting for ages, and the Liberal party is just going back to their roots of wanting institutional slavery. To avoid that, we need laws with baselines that tell us exactly what we will do given a sickness that becomes a pandemic instead of relying on two parties with vastly different thought processes trying to use hate to overcome.

If tou are sp worried about the rich paying taxes, what are you going to do about www.foxbusiness.com

Those are some interesting facts that seem to be backed up by solid paper trails. If the rich need to be governed to do what is right and pay their fair share, what are Liberals going to do about their own party breaking the rules and also not paying their share? When will Dems start holding their own people responsible? Until then, there is no reality in which you can whine and cry like babies about other people doing it.


If those numbers are true, then Liberals have a LOT of crow to eat. Obviously Liberals won't actually research it to find out if this is true since they've never shown any inclination to know if their platforms are based in reality or not (the only things they care to do any research on in regards to truth is when a Republican talks). The stupid parts of the article like how we have the most progressive tax system in the universe is just stupid rhetoric. Only concentrate on the numbers and don't do the usual thing DR Libs do by clinging to the opinions in the article and arguing them so you can avoid researching the presented facts and identifying if they are true or not. That's a tired strategy that has only hurt the country so far.

Liberal journalists have no ability to measure moral calculus of any kind.


It comes down to party and that's it. There is no calculus, or logic of any kind, done when reporting today. If you are a Liberal, you will agree that anything that goes against the other side's values is the very definition of morality. No matter the heights of hypocrisy you have to climb to get there, you will never show any humility or degree of logical thinking of any kind. It comes down to your party's values and nothing else. AOC could come out and say Tax the Lower Class and you would applaud her efforts. There aren't enough Democrats left in the US to make a difference, they've all been replaced or overshadowed (read: loud-mouthed and child-like tantrums) by extreme Liberals.

This and other articles (e.g., www.msn.com) goes to show that jumping to conclusions only makes you look dumb. ICU beds and other hospital resources aren't necessarily full because of covid cases, it is also due to lower resources. Now, there is obviously exaggerations in these articles and the bias is implicitly palpable for sure, but all of the crying from you kids about how covid is such a problem for hospitals isn't only because of the amount of covid cases and all of the evidence is there that proves it.

In other words, your clinging to biased half stories that don't paint the full picture proves you are just following what the headlines say and not because of actual research, facts, and reality.

Thanks for more evidence that the GOP is doing things right and trying to make sure the government stays out of removing freedoms and allowing a free society to determine the right actions to take. This whole jumping to remove freedoms at the first sight of opportunity kick that the Dems are on in the 21st century is destroying the foundation of our nation. But don't get your spoiled, entitled, kid butts in a tiffy, I'm not saying it's completely wrong. I'm saying America is a nation founded on certain principles and wanting to have a different government isn't necessarily a bad thing. What's bad is the Dems trying to change our country into what it isn't. Dems need to come up with an exit plan from the USA and form their own nation that is governed in the way they want. The US was founded to improve on what is wrong, not replace it with an entirely different government unless that is what the country wants. And since the country is split down the middle, neither side can ever claim that what they are doing is "what the country wants".

If the government isn't working for the Dems and the entire paradigm of our laws doesn't match that, come up with your own and start something new.

"Pretending now that rwing media is now has has all along been pro-jab is criminally hypocritical."

It's already been stated before. Liberals set a new low bar when it comes to hypocrisy so the only response that is going to receive from the other side is to try to outdo it. Common sense and human behavior. Being a hypocrite by calling out others for their hypocrisy and not accepting your own is pathetic.

Just more evidence that we need to split into two countries. Democrats demonize America and have made it completely clear they do not like this country because of what it stands for. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that in any way. If enough people want to have a government that has its own values and foundation, they should be able to have it. The problem we have today is there is no ocean that can be crossed to start over. So that leaves willingly splitting the country into two before it happens unwillingly.

Democrats want a country that America isn't, which is obvious. And, honestly, it would be a lot better for them to get the chance to start that government from a fresh foundation instead of having to morph America's system into what they want. So they should start their own country with the utmost respect and help from America. The United States is no longer united and there is nothing that indicates it ever will be again.

"Facts Dinger, not hyperbole."

Well, let's see here..."while births to teenagers and abortions rose in the years that followed, as access to contraception and annual exams was drastically strained." Well, the "as access to contraception and annual exams was drastically strained" is indeed hyperbole. How do you know the access was drastically strained? Just because you take away one vector doesn't mean there aren't many others...and what does "drastically" mean? If hyperbole means exaggeration, saying words like "drastically" is about as hyperbolic as you can get.

"a lifesaving Medicaid plan." Well, that's hyperbole, which is why they don't actually give any facts to support that stance and only give facts of the exclusions (which is not hyperbole). But hyperbole still exists in that statement. What does "lifesaving" mean? I mean, stopping illegal immigrants from crossing the border can be considered lifesaving since there has been at least one death of an America citizen by an illegal immigrant (there have been many more but only need one to prove my point).

I'm not arguing with what you have highlighted. I tend to agree with some of it. But not knowing the difference between facts and hyperbole is the problem. And it's a problem most partisan haters have when it comes to trying to spread their hate of the other party.

Also, if you care so much about facts, then why does your party ignore the facts that don't agree with your stances? It's not bad that people have facts, it's just bad that when one party brings up facts, the other party either ignores them or deflects. This happens daily, many many times daily, by both parties. So why be a hypocrite?

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