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Friday, September 10, 2021

The link brings you to the clinicaltrials.gov web site. By entering the a medication and disease in the search menu you can find study results. Since there are a large number of people on DR peddling scientific misinformation regarding ivermectin, let's look at a study. clinicaltrials.gov now that we have a list of studies on Ivermectin and Covid, let's look at the first one clinicaltrials.gov What did that study conclude??? PATIENTS WITH MILD-TO-MODERATE COVID-19 INFECTION TREATED WITH IVERMECTIN PLUS DOXYCYCLINE RECOVERED EARLIER, WERE LESS LIKELTY TO PROGRESS TO MORE SERIOUS DISEASE, AND WERE MORE LIKELY TO BE COVDI-19 NEGATIVE BY RT-PCR ON DAY 14.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Just because some people pay a lot in local taxes, be it property taxes or state income taxes, doesn't mean it should excuse them of their responsibility of funding the federal government. Property taxes don't fund the military or the myriad of other vital federal programs that exist.


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