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Friday, December 01, 2023

The US House of Representatives have voted to expel George Santos for ethics violations.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Hunter Biden has agreed to comply with a subpoena from the Republican led House Oversight Committee as part of their investigation into whatever fake scandal of the day that the GOP is trying to push. read more


Maybe your problem is that you can't agree with republicans even when you want to.

There you go again, blaming Democrats for republican failures.

I have no problem at all agreeing with republicans when they have sound policy. For instance, right now I agree with the Republicans who voted to expel Santos. I even wrote a note to my GOP Rep Anne Wagner thanking her for doing so. I agree with Operation Warp Speed when Trump was President. I agree with the Republicans who voted to keep government open. I agreed with Romneycare and W's bailout of US Automakers and his efforts to fight HIV in Africa. I also have no problem calling Democrats out when I think they are wrong. For instance, Sen Bob Menendez should resign. That's a few I share with the majority of Democrats in the Senate. I'm also not afraid to say that Dems squandered their best chance to make a real positive difference in the life of average Americans when they failed to include a public option in the affordable care act.

But none of that justifies the Republican party in nominating and in some cases electing obvious frauds, liars and criminals like Santos, Gaetz, Walker, Oz, Paxton, Boebert, Comer, Trump, the entire GOP caucus of the Alabama state house and the list goes on. None of that justifies supporting a party who's leading candidate for President refused to engage in a peaceful transition of power and staged a coup attempt after he lost re-election. The Republican party is so full of criminals that Trump pardoned 4 GOP House members before he left off. Nor does any of that justify supporting a party that has accomplished exactly zero during this past year they've held the majority other than barely managing to keep the lights of government on and becoming the first ever to vote out their Speaker.

Have you ever asked yourself what it is about the GOP that draws in candidates that are so bad they can't even form a functioning a government?

Did the dems run someone? Look into this jackass's background and expose him BEFORE he got elected...
Where was the Democratic Party leadership...

Let me be clear, the DNC has to know how badly they screwed up.
Voters who show up to vote can only make the choice in front of them. They don't get draft the ballot.

They literally do get to draft the ballot. Voters can recruit and finance candidates to run. They can vote in primaries and they can refuse to vote for a candidate even if the person is put up by the party they normally support. Santos won in a district that was newly redrawn to favor republicans. It was the GOP who knew before the election that he had people impersonating Kevin McCarthy's staff members. It was GOP officials who endorsed him. It was GOP donors who financed him. It was GOP voters who nominated and elected him despite the reports in local media that exposed many of his lies.

Why is it so often that when horrible republican candidate win or come close to winning there are republicans blaming Democrats? They tried this when Raphael Warnock fell just short of 50% in the Georgia Senate election which then resulted in a runoff with Herschel Walker. The blamed Democrats for Kevin McCarthy and now they blame them for Mike Johnson. They tried it with Trump saying it's Dems fault for nominating perhaps the most qualified candidate for President in the history of the country, Hillary CLinton.

This is typical backwards conservative thinking. From their trickle down economics, to their claims that lies are just alternative facts and their general anti-science stance, they are just a collective group of nonsensical ignoramuses. Stop blaming Democrats for the failings of the GOP.

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