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Like most radical ideologues, the far right in Israel is seeking total control over their society. They are following the same path as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, etc. Authoritarians suppress dissent, it is how they operate. The whole situation is made worse by all the azzhats that think they are holey.


I have read that the Putin government has been spending on the order of 300M USD / year to support fascist leaning political parties and causes i.e. Trump / Brexit. The only way for Imperial Russia to rise is for Western Europe / US to fall. Google it.

They are fools because without US and Western Europe, China would eat their lunch. This is what happens when a bald dwarf dictator who believes his own press is running a country.


There is no atrocity unexplored in the Middle East. The area has been dipped in blood for thousands of years. By this point, there are no innocents except the children and they generally buy into the madness by adulthood. This is a choice on everyone's part. Until they all decide to end it, it will continue.

That might happen sooner if we cut the Israel off but that won't happen because: certain Liberals feel guilty that the Holocaust occurred - so the survivors must be supported, even when they are in turn being evil, and certain Christian sects think that they can arrange for Armageddon on their schedule and the Prophesy Countdown starts with the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple (not sure which version) and resumption of making burnt offerings there to the Lord which requires a Jewish State.

Did you know that there are those in this country, and elsewhere, that are so certain that the end times are coming in this generation that they are breeding special cattle and sheep to use as burnt offerings? And others are making up special garb for the priests to wear and gear for the temple - lamps and such. All holey and pure and blessed and such using genuine methods derived from the bible, one of them anyway.

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