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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Joe Biden didn't get off to the start his campaign was hoping for in Iowa and New Hampshire. But the news has been better for him lately. He finished a (distant) second place in Nevada behind Bernie Sanders, his best performance of the campaign so far. And his polling in South Carolina has held up well, potentially positioning him for his first win.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough likened Senator Bernie Sanders' praise of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro's literacy programs to someone who would praise Italian dictator Benito Mussolini for his punctual trains. "That's like saying Mussolini had the trains running. 'Have you seen the trains?' While people are up on meat hooks all lined up behind the train," the Morning Joe host said Tuesday.

"[Castro] had a literacy regime. But he also had a regime who tortured Catholics, tortured people who worshipped God in a way he didn't like, tortured students that had newspapers, kept people locked up for years, killed people," Scarborough continued. "You cannot talk about Fidel Castro's literacy program, and you shouldn't be able to without talking about the long laundry list of evils committed by Fidel Castro against his own people over decades." "He is defending this and doubling down in 2020. That ain't cool with South Carolina voters. That ain't cool with Democrats," he said.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Bernie Sanders says he's the Democrat best-equipped to defeat Donald Trump in November. But Florida Democrats insist hes the worst-equipped after Sanders' refusal Sunday night to thoroughly condemn the Cuban revolution. His comments on 60 Minutes sent shock waves through the nation's biggest battleground state, where Democratic members of Congress, state legislators and party leaders warned that his nomination "- and Sanders' self-described "Democratic socialism" "- will cost them the biggest battleground state of them all.

"Donald Trump wins Florida if Bernie is our nominee," said state Rep. Javier Fernandez, a Democratic candidate in a majority-Hispanic state Senate district. "If Bernie Sanders is atop the ticket, it's going to make it tougher for all of us to win in Florida," said Fernandez, who has endorsed Sanders' rival Joe Biden. "No one really sees Sanders winning Florida and I don't think his campaign does either."

Monday, February 24, 2020

Donald Trump has told reporters Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is the 2020 rival he fears the most during his tour of India. "I actually think he would be tougher than most of the other candidates because he is like me," Trump said while en route to the Taj Mahal in Agra, India. The president added, "I have a much bigger base" than Sanders.

Trump again asserted that the Democratic Party would do all it could to prevent Sanders from becoming the nominee, and predicted the Democratic primaries would end in a brokered convention. "It could go to the convention. It really could," Trump said. "They are going to take it away from Crazy Bernie. They are not going to let him win."

Arielle Scarcella's Twitter bio says she empowers women, LGBT, is not of the hive mind and has decided to come out' and leave the "ridiculously woke cult" that the far Left has become.

Her video is hilarious, heartfelt and doesn't hold back, and the comments on the thread show how many people are saying their own movement has bullied them.


Key points FTA:

First, do not make this election solely about Donald Trump. The idea that the challenger wants a campaign to be a referendum on the incumbent rather than a choice between two candidates is a staple of political conventional wisdom. It is also a mistake.

Trump has dominated the national conversation for five years. His flaws are known by all. The Democrats should want this to be a choice between competing, starkly different visions for the country. If it's all about Trump, Democrats will lose.

Second, find ways to frame this economy on your own terms. As Obama showed in 2012, the candidate who succeeds in defining the terms of the economic debate will win the election. Romney's entire strategy was to lay the blame for the sluggish economy at Obama's feet while claiming that his business experience made him better suited to jump-start the recovery.

But Obama won handily because he reframed the economic question before voters. Instead of an up-or-down vote based on the unemployment rate or weak growth, the Obama campaign turned a question of economic performance into one of economic fairness by focusing on how Romney's policies favored the wealthy over the middle and working class.

Third, get out of the liberal Twitter bubble. Finally, one of Romney's biggest errors was being stuck in the conservative news bubble. The only people truly shocked by Obama's victory, which was predicted by the polls and the various data models, was the Romney campaign.

The Democratic nominee needs to recognize that a lot of the voters we need see Trump very differently than most of us that populate liberal Twitter, watch MSNBC and listen to Pod Save America. According to polling and focus groups, despite a Cheesecake Factory menu's worth of scandal, they still see Trump as someone who represents change.

Finally, voters are not naive. Outside of the MAGA base, most have a pretty nuanced view of Trump. These impressions can and must be changed"in some cases with only a modicum of new information. But only if Democrats run against the person these voters see, not the person they know Trump to be.

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