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Saturday, September 05, 2020

Jorge Ramos: Every four years, without fail, the two mainstream political parties try to win over Latino voters for their respective presidential candidates. The reason is clear: There is no route to the White House without the support of Latinos. read more

Thursday, September 03, 2020

I am often upbraided for the jaundiced eye with which I look at the various Republicans who suddenly discovered that they'd built a party that was more than willing to nominate and elect a vulgar talking yam. And I will grant you the validity of the all-hands-on-deck strategy for the November election. (But all-hands-on-deck does not mean all-hands-on-the-bridge.) But, I am sorry. An endorsement from Rick Snyder is not a comfortable "get" for me.

I mean, really, Joe. This guy?


This is what happened in Kenosha:

Kenosha unrest damages more than 100 buildings, at least 40 destroyed

How is nit-picking something that Trump said going to help Biden's reelection?

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