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Monday, October 18, 2021

Winter 2025 could, with luck, be normal. read more

By our calculations they moved towards Democrats by eight points, compared with a nationwide swing of just two read more

Thursday, October 07, 2021

It is clear that common prosperity is a major part of how the Chinese state and society will be governed under Xi Jinping. With this comes the promise of a more equitable society - a bigger and wealthier middle class, and companies that give back rather than just take. A sort of top down Utopian China, that the Party is hoping will prove to be a viable alternative model for the world to what the West has on offer. But it does come with a catch: even more control and power in the hands of the Party. read more

Friday, October 01, 2021

As governments spend more, it becomes increasingly important that they design their taxes carefully. Large European welfare states such as Sweden or Germany rely on growth-friendly value-added taxes (vats) to help raise the vast quantities of cash they dole out. America can get away with a tax system that is grossly inefficient and needlessly complex only because the amount of revenue it raises overall is relatively small... The plan does little to move towards the efficient taxation that would be necessary were America ever to have the European-style welfare state to which many Democrats aspire. That is because the proposals have been crafted with the goal of raising taxes only on households with incomes in excess of $400,000. ...The left thinks the rich do not pay their fair share. read more

Monday, September 06, 2021

Over the past 250 years classical liberalism has helped bring about unparalleled progress. It will not vanish in a puff of smoke. But it is undergoing a severe test, just as it did a century ago when the cancers of Bolshevism and fascism began to eat away at liberal Europe from within. It is time for liberals to understand what they are up against and to fight back. Nowhere is the fight fiercer than in America, where this week the Supreme Court chose not to strike down a draconian and bizarre anti-abortion law. The most dangerous threat in liberalism's spiritual home comes from the Trumpian right. Populists denigrate liberal edifices such as science and the rule of law as faades for a plot by the deep state against the people. The attack from the left is harder to grasp, partly because in America "liberal" has come to include an illiberal left... read more


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