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The question on the table is can Trump run for reelection in 2020 even if he was impeached? The short answer is MAYBE. Here's the long answer...

I wish people would do just a little research before the post a definitive "fact" online. In this day and age of technology and people are still voluntarily ignorant. SMH

I had a conversation with a young woman who hates her job and wants to go back to college. I advised her to look for a STEM focused career. She suddenly she looked like she was a deer trapped in the high beams of an inbound car. She knew nothing of what I was talking about. I explained it to her. When I mentioned maths, she immediately went into the oh so common MAGAt complaint, "I hate math!"

MAGA hates manual labor but hates the idea of learning something new. They would rather digress and take a pay cut than progress and make more money doing something different. I knew I was going no where so I stopped wasting my time. This young woman was beautiful with nice natural bewbies destined to be MAGA ---- in 20 years. She's already 31 with 3 pre-teen children, one is 19 mos old. Most guys she'll find are losers who want nothing more than use her and has no future to offer her. Professional single guys who can dig her out of that hole won't because why deal with some other man's kids? Especially if the father's not paying child support? ---- --- is not worth that much suffering. She's stuck if she doesn't go to college.

The point? This is just one of the reason why MAGAts blame everyone else for their employment plight. You were warned in the 90's that the American business model was changing. You thought you could slide on by with working the factory floor and retire with a pension in 35 years like your parent. You were warned that manufacturing was dying; it was time to jump ship and learn a STEM focused career. It was the only thing paying any real money.

30 years have passed. Here you are blaming everyone else but yourselves and still won't go to college because "it's too hard."

Ladies, the only way professional men are going to look your way is if you're single, no children, and another professional. Big bewbies, blond hair and blue eyes just don't cut it anymore. For $1000 a night, professional men can call an escort when he feels lonely. Hell, professional "cuddle buddies" will be with him for less than that.


Has anyone seen an Iranian woman in yoga pants? Especially doing the over the dog pose? It's equally as ugly as watching a fat MAGA white woman do it. Why do you white American woman wear yoga pants? Don't share your thunder thighs with us, please!

Too late on the upswing, Dayton! Lima, Ohio beat you to the punch. (read the testimonials on the bottom right of the page. My ex-wife begged me not to travel through Lima at night. Lori don't beg anyone.

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