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Also coming on line now ... a bit of write-ups on killer AI that and machines, Not KIDDING !

However, in my opinion jtbfh:::::
AI killing robots pfffffft! NONSENSE!
Hay bailers, log mill saws, tractor HIGH SPINNING back drive shaft all can kill in an instant.

You have to be seasoned and know what you're dealing with and never be sloppy or take short cuts, a man thing sadly.

A clever article by ? The Atlantic


=========================== some how, it was moved from an AI piece, or possibly I clicked on the wrong article, I suppose ----yes ---- I could be to blame, but now its here in a proper place. WHEW !
OTHER relative


Good piece by ' The Atlantic ' btw
. . . just a sec I'm thinking ... YUP , in my opinion tbfh it' [ A I ] has a wayzzzzzzzzzzzzz to go yet, it's
still in it's infancy.
An article bit: ". . Anyone who has played around with these applications long enough has run up against the boundaries .."
It seems to know nothing on phrases. Only tries with synonym , ONE WORD only crap.
EXAMPLE: the ole college try, the old one two BOXING , their all, out of the blue, their best try || a good try || gave it their all
everything they had . . their best shot
. .. off the ole block
Knows nothing, WORTHLESS !
2. ) When asked something it behaves like a search engine
and gives me examples in text, hello! as in usage, WORTHLESS.
For example, just one:
Query: Why do scientists say insular evolution? THen tons of papers journals articles and write-up pieces.
It's like the kids / team on a lab project, first thing I say, " listen up kiddies, again, no no no, what I asked was .. "
Search engines are no better, same question even w/ follow up:::::::
" Why do scientists say insular evolution? no. Question is WHY DO THEY SAY INSULAR EVOLUTION? "
results: pages and pages of Evolution ---or documents with a word insular
, so satisfying I could piss my pants as some Brits say.

#3 | POSTED BY MW6789MW AT 2023-11-26 03:25 PM | FLAG:

no edit
back of the cave, no turn around, join the rest of us
... anyway
For individuals trying to write or express themselves this is a fail.

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