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Things went straight downhill for Tennessee soon after this:

An Old Saying in Tennessee

Anyway, I knew this guy from Tennessee. He was really REALLY dumb.

He was so dumb that he took a fulltime job paying only $3 an hour.

But you know what made him really REALLY dumb?

He wanted his wages paid in cash so let his employer pay him with $3 bills.

"Wait, we don't yet know what other species will emerge from the frozen tundra as it melts. This could be a great horror film."

Actually 'twas done back in the 70s in a "classic" Doctor Who episode:

Seeds of Doom (1976)

Shout out to my good buddy Dario who got me into the Tom Baker incarnation back in college (I grew up with David Tennant so it was a bit jarring at first). Definitely waaaay before my time but the stories are pretty good and the special effects hilariously bad and the set and costume design campy as hell. In Seeds of Doom the monster scenes are hilarious. Good stuff to smoke a bowl to.

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